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:Trigger: I want to say in advance that this could be a bit triggery :Trigger:

I've always been a little curious with my SI(I wont go into detail) but today all of a sudden I had a bit of misguided brain wave; What if I break some of my bones!? I have become totally fixated on the idea, cutting just isnt enough anymore.I think that breaking a bone (or four) would be such a release for me. Breaking a part of me physically when I feel so broken on the inside.

Does anyone else actually fantasise about or activley break any bones?

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I'm sorry you feel so broken right now. At one point during a depressive episode, I fantasized about breaking bones. I was really sick at the time, and I ended up breaking a bone in my hand. I'm telling you: It isn't worth it. Trust me, it will NOT feel good. Not at all. You will end up hurting even more than you were at the start. I felt like a total idiot, and still feel like one. I had to practice holding a pen and writing. It was months before I could write legibly again.

Can you think of something to get your mind off of these thoughts? Write in a journal, listen to loud music, take a cold shower, go for a walk. Anything? There are so many alternatives to SI. I know it is difficult, but you deserve to be safe and unbroken. I think sharing your thoughts with a pdoc or tdoc would be a good idea. If you are thinking about hurting yourself physically, then it is time to get help.

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Guest Vapourware

You really need to talk to your treatment team about this, especially if you are constantly thinking of the idea.

As mentioned, breaking a bone is not worth it. I've fractured my hand once in a fit of anger, and being in a cast is not fun at all.

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Thoughts are thoughts.

They are not commands.

They do not have to be listened to.

I hope that you are able to connect with your health care providers to get some solid in-person support and skills to manage the impulses.

Also, you may feel broken on the inside. But you are not.

Feelings aren't facts.

Just like ideas aren't commands.

They are sources of information.

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Except for a few minor cuts from agave plants, I haven't cut since high school. Then I was pretty active in SI but I just stopped after a while. I once broke 3 bones in my hand and you're right; it hurts.

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i have had the urge to break bones for me it was that i wanted a pain so big that it was all i could think about so i wouldnt have to think the horrible horrible thoughts i was thinking constnatly going round in my head , i dont know what helps tbh i still think about it when my thoughts and mood gets out of hand and the thoughts are constnat but i would agree with the above comment that thoughts are thoughts not commands 

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      So Ive really been feeling bad so i tell my therapist like 4 or 5 times Im feeling suicidal, the last time I ask if "I appeared too happy because I do tend to put on a happy face, even when depressed", she says that don't really happen then she says "Well I've been told I can recognize someone suicidal very well".  I thought on the way home, dont really happen oh yeah like Robin Williams.  Anyway, as she is only 29, I wondered and remembered everytime I bring up Bipolar, Depression, PTSD, Halucinations and voices and especially self-harm she changes subject. And later that night I cut.  Now I am wondering although she is a clinical social worker, is she really qualified for mental illnesses beyond basic couseling or not confident in those areas.  For the most part I do really like her but, hey, as you can see below I got quite a mess of mental problems, I do need someone competent in those areas.
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      I've been in therapy since 2007. Every avenue I try to explore that the therapist agrees would be a good idea is subsequently shoved under the rug. Nobody gives a fuck. Nobody follows through. Nobody gives a fuck about helping me. They just collect their checks and a headful of terrible stories relayed by their whining patients like me. Every drug I try turns me into a fucking lunatic. I have ONE antidepressant left that I can take and it doesn't work all that great, obviously. I've taken 3x the dose and been equally miserable. 
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      I've never experienced delirium and hallucinations like this before. To the point where I had to be physically restrained because I knew receiving a shot would throw me into that alternate reality which was terrifying. To the point where I was intubated because I was aspirating on my vomit. The point where I didn't know what was real and what wasn't real, such as when I vomited on the hospital floor and "saw" pieces of plastic come out of the vomit and was convinced the doctors had implanted these plastic devices inside of me. Or how I knew that I had swallowed a razor blade, that I had murdered someone, that I was being tortured and being played mind games with....
      And now I have to keep trying, once again, to live. Normally, functionally, with the expectation that I should be strong enough to overcome my mental illness (they say bipolar disorder).
      And I keep wondering, why? what is the meaning of life? why am I afflicted with these confusions that wreak havoc on my perception of reality?
      As well as I believe I may be doing, I admit I periodically stop taking my medications because I despise the side effects and even more so despise the idea that I may actually need them. I admit that I medicate with alcohol sometimes.... and I spiral and do self destructive things. I'm a cutter - usually without getting stitches, however, the most stitches I've had in one sitting for self-harm was 38. I've had bulimia for the past six years. I seek acceptance through sex because it's how I grew up learning how to be loved and validated, erstwhile hating it regardless.
      The positives: I have a job where I help others, I'm in school with a major geared towards serving my community and individuals, and my family is giving me a home to live in while I go through a divorce (with an abusive individual). In a way I'm using this post as a soap box, which perhaps it's better served as one of those journal entries that I need to acquaint myself with. That established, I'd like to turn this post towards those who have experienced psychosis/living within unreality, hospitalization, and the aftermath of acclimating to "normality". 
      1. What were the precipitating factors?
      2. What happened that put you in the hospital (who/where/how/when, etc)
      3. What was your hospital experience like?
      4. What were your hallucinations/delusions/other psychiatric symptoms?
      5. How did you get out of the hospital?
      6. What are obstacles you've encountered acclimating to life on the outside?
      7. Learning experiences from the whole ordeal?
      I haven't given up yet, however I've confused, afraid, directionless, needy, and desperate. Also hopeful, despite it all.
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      Okay, trigger warning, and also I'm sorry, but this has been on my mind lately and it's kind of clawing its way out.
      The thought- I wish my rape had hurt more. I froze up, and also had taken one of my night meds (seroquel) before, so I didn't fight back in any meaningful way. As a consequence there wasn't much physical damage. I also kind of checked out during, so any sensations were dulled and distant. There was pain and small cuts in the morning, but I barely felt them at the time. That's part of what made it feel so unreal. So I wish I had been more -there-, so it would feel real.
      Is that weird? Has anybody else felt this?
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      So I decided for my health to go gluten free again, and that I needed to log my intake so that I can lose weight again.


      on Wednesday of last week I weighed 339.4 lbs
      today I weigh 331.6
      an almost 8lb loss

      I have started logging my calories on myfitnesspal since Saturday

      on Saturday I was like 800 below my goal
      sunday 1300

      today so far I am like 2700

      my calories are dwindling I've had 226 calories as of 9pm

      knowing that I have to write them down and there is a number to try to stay under makes me very crazy
      and I feel like I have to stay as far under that number as possible
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