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Hi there

The reason why i am here is that the pdoc put me on seroquel 50 mgs and upped my prozac to 40 mg. i suffer from manic depression anxiety panic disorder ocd paranoia. The past 3 yrs has been getting worse for me, I let my DL expire and i cant get behind the wheel of a car. I leave the house WHEN NEEDED and thats just to see my docs. I stay away from stores and public places with large crowds. It sucks because i have a 16 yr old kid who loves to go shopping and i cant even do that.

Im currently on Prozac 40 mg, seroquel 50mg, Ativan 2mg 4 x's daily and pain medication.

I've suffered from depression most of my life which started when i was in my late teens very suicidal, and then when i hit my 20s thats when i seeked help and im not in my late 30's and hoplessly miserable. Well thats about that.

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