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We're hoping to get pregnant next year.  But, I take massive amounts of Neurontin.  My gyn says that if I have to take it to get through the day, I have to take it. But, that he'd rather I didn't, given that its a class C drug.

Of course, he's fine with me taking Zoloft. I have social anxiety, and since I can't take 9 months off work to hide in a dark room, so I need to find a solution. Any suggestions? 

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Unfortunately most psychiatric medications are "category C." Or worse. So you really have to do the whole "weigh benefits versus potential risks" thing (that I hate hearing so much! lol)

Some drugs are considered "safer" than others even within the same drug category. Your best benefit is to find a good high-risk OB before you even get pregnant, and have him/her coordinate preconception care with your pdoc.

Some general advice for anybody considering pregnancy: start on prenatal vitamins now- you can't do this too early, IMO. Or at least a folic acid supplement in addition to a good multivitamin. If you need to lose some weight, do that now, too. Start any exercise routine you will want to keep while you are pregnant- you are never supposed to start something "new" in this regard once you're pregnant, so if you don't already do the regular exercise thing and end up needing to control your weight while pregnant, you will end up doing a LOT of walking. (BTDT!) Just make sure it's not something like kickboxing that you naturally won't be able to keep, either ; )

Again, the whole Neurontin do-or-don't deal is really something you need to take to your doc. You could have 10 people on here swearing it didn't do anything to THEIR kid, but still end up in the 3% of people who do end up having a problem.

That said, I was on a class D drug when I got preggers (Depakote) and discontinued my meds under dr. supervision for the duration of the first trimester. Then got put on Lamictal (also cat C and so far so good!) in the second trimester. It might be possible for you to take time off of your yummy-chemicals-of-choice for the short term, then re-introduce in the second trimester when it is safer because most of the baby's primary development has completed. But again- talk to the doc!  B)

Good luck to you, and please be sure to check out the pregnancy folder we have further down in the forums. LOTS of good helpful links there.


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