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Schizoaffective 22 yrs old. NEW HERE

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Just wanted to say hello to all.

Someone reffered me to this site and i love it so far. Esspecially the "big head" or person who posted all the rules and such.

Happy to hear this is not a 'walking on eggshells' site. i don't want cyber hugs nor do i give them. ever.

Lets hope this meeting grows into a long loving friendship crazyboard :)

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Hi Hollie,


there are a lot of very nice and interesting people here with SZA

plus tons of all spectrum of Bipolar, which I am

You can enjoy a lot of support, friendship, and entertainment here on CB

Check out the blogs, we are a nice group

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Welcome to our happy little asylum. It sounds like you have already read the rules, so enjoy the place and let us know if you have any questions. I'm glad you found us and I promise NEVER to hug you. (If you promise NEVER to hug me!)


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