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So I've developed eczema, it started on my face...got that under control. But right now it's everywhere else...my arms, legs, back of my neck. Really bad on my ankles. I have medicated cream that makes it "go away". It's not as noticeable, but I'm itching like crazy! The cream dries my skin out and I'm not suppose to use it more than 2x a day. So I'm super itchy bc of dry skin and eczema. I use non scented body moisturizer, usually with collagen, cocoa butter, for super dry skin, etc. At the moment St Ives, not my favorite, I like oil of oley. I signed up for a tanning membership bc I've been told it helps, the have moisturizers with humectents (not spelled correctly, but any skin care with a pot leaf on it pulls moisture into your skin).

My lotions don't help or hurt the issue, but any suggestions on something I can use daily to help prevent break outs?

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How often are you moisturising? For eczema flare ups you can/should moisturise the areas where you have it at least twice a day and especially right after you shower or bathe, because that locks the moisture from the shower into your skin.

Also make sure your skin isn't being exposed to any irritants or anything that could dry you out - use gloves when you handle cleaning products, for example.

Personally I found that the medicated cream gave me rashes in other places and after a while it didn't even really seem to help the eczema anymore. I used to get bad patches on my hands, but at the moment I can control it just by moisturising

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I've had eczema my whole life. This cream is the FIRST one I have ever used that really works. My SIL sends it to me from Canada. It is called Uremol 20. Here is a link I found on the web:


Unfortunately I do not think I can buy it in the US. Some people really like Eucerin.

Here is a quick list of my do's and don'ts.

1. DO NOT scratch at all. Ever. Any scratching will increase the outbreak.

2. The ocean. The ocean. The ocean. Salt water clears up my eczema in nothing flat. I have even used salt baths.

3. Cortisone creams are deadly. They clear it up but the outbreak comes back. However,now I get these mosquito looking eczema bites every summer. I think it is from humidity, water, sweat held against my skin. I do use a cortisone OINTMENT for that. Ointments are much greasier and better than creams. They do not dry out.

4. Nerves, stress, anxiety, all increase my eczema. Skin issues can be directly related to the nervous system. Once I get a rash, for whatever reason, even if I calm down the rash will take a while to heal.

5. no wool, no polyester clothes. only 100% cotton.

6. no fragrances in ANYTHING - soap, lotion, laundry detergents, etc. I use Arm&Hammer fragrance free. Oil of Olay irritates my skin.

7. If the patch is dry, no matter what lotion you use, no matter how great the lotion is, once you apply it to the patch it will burn initially. A layer of skin is gone. This is fine. I just have to bear through it.

8. Ignore the rashes. Totally. The more I focus on the eczema, the less likely it will disappear.

9. If i am desperately itchy, I might take a benedryl before bed.

10. No hot showers, lukewarm only. And don't shower often. It does dry the skin out. Some people do get eczema from their own sweat so this advice may not work.

11. When I was traveling in South America once with hubby, I had it so bad on my hands the cracks were bleeding. The cortisone lotions were just making it worse. So I tried something I heard about from one of my friends with HIV. Urine is very soothing to eczema. As long as you don't eat meat, drink alcohol, or take too many meds (oh well), you can bathe your eczema in your own urine. Icky I know, but I was desperate. It did work but smelled a bit obviously, so washed my hands too much which didn't help.

12. Avoid citrus, tomatoes, any acidic foods.

I imagine you are seeing a dermatologist? There are many kinds of eczema. Hope this helps somewhat. YOu are welcome to PM me if you'd like. Eczema and I are old friends, unfortunately.

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cortizone for me. also avoiding allergens. Consider food sensitivities, too, as well as "contact dermatitis." Definitely use an antibiotic if you get open sores from scratching. And definitely try to keep it dry and let it air out. Washing your hands a lot (which I used to do, a lot : )) also isn't the best for it. I can't testify that this works because I don't use it regularly, but I recently bought a product called Gloves in a Bottle which is supposed to be primo for moisture retention.

Lastly, when I get poison ivy and I can't sleep because of the itching (I rarely get eczema anymore, but it's the same principle) I use the hot water treatment. This is to apply water as hot as you can stand to the affected area which will cause your body to release all the histamines all at once, which will (briefly) be uncomfortable. Then you get a break for a couple of hours from the intense itching. I may be the only person I know who thinks this is "worth it," but I definitely do.

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I suffered from eczema at a time when I was undergoing a lot of stress. I was sent to the hospital for all sorts of tests and given lots of creams and meds but hothing worked for more than a couple of weeks at most. When my stressful situation was resolved my eczema went.

Then recently I had another attck and after several months when I was informed that statins can have bad affects on arthritic conditions making it much worse I stopped taking them. My aching eased considerably and the eczema cleared up as well,.

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Aquaphor, Shea butter and Eucerin are great moisturizers. You need thick moisturizers since people with eczema lack that protective layer that retains moisture. Stay AWAY from vaseline. 

For Itch relief try oatmeal baths (not too hot, as it increases inflammation), benadryl and ice helps ALOT. Just hold the ice onto your affected area after moisturizing. Hydrocortisone does not work for me. I've been prescribed triamcinalone acetonide and it doesnt work either. I think ive built up immunity.

Ive found that diet plays a big role in my flare-ups as well as stress. Foods that worsen my breakouts include: eggs, tomatoes, dairy, gluten, greasy foods, red meats.

Fish, dark leafy greens and tons of water will help alot!

In all honesty, stick to natural remedies, a good diet and a consistent skin care routine (lots of moisturizing) that works best for you. Doctors just give you more and more steroids that eventually stop working and encourage you to come back for more. Only for temporary relief. Find the root of the problem. A lot of people that had severe atopic dermatitis (aka eczema) have life changing testimonies after becoming vegan. 

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