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Norepinephrine...what has it done for you?

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Ok so having taken medications that only deal with seratonin, I wonder, what has norepinephrine tweaking done for you?

I'm currently on Effexor at 150 mg, which has made a really nice dent in my double depression/anxiety disorder but I'm wondering, if I upped it to 225, what kind of benefit might I expect from the whole norepinephrine interaction???

Any experiences I'd love to hear!!!!

LOVE! ;)

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I'm taking effexor xr @ 450/day now, but it started helping at 225/day. Since then, added provigil 200mg/day and strattera 120 mg/day. All three work, I'm told, on the norepinephrine stuff.

The big change: clarity. I'm MUCH less fuzzy,

And I don't find myself cringing at every creak.

All three have been very, very helpful to me. Hope the increase in effexor works for you.


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