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manerix...first dose...

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i just took my first dose of manerix and am feeling so scared.

i get this way everytime i start someting new.even though i have familiarized myself with

the med and the possible side effects which for the most part look pretty mild,(knock wood)

i am already (ironically maybe) close to a panic attack with worry.

i trust my doctor,but not my body.i am very sensitive to meds,which is why i started this

one in the first place-we are running out of options.

i hope it will be ok.

i have been so sedated from my other meds that hopefully it will keep me awake

but nothing terrible will happen.hopefully it will lift my depression after some time.

i'm sorry...like i said i am always so scared of trying something new,and i wish they

had started me on this while i was in the hospital.

i am definitly not going to read anything more about it today.

i am obsessing enough as it is.

so anxious...sorry.

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I know very little about Manerix as it is not available in the USA. What little I have read about it is that it is pretty well tolerated. Reversible MAOI's have a good safety record and are not so prone to scary spikes in blood pressure if you eat foods with tyramine. In the sleep department, some complain that sleep onset is delayed. I hope it works for you.

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