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This is probably a dumb question, but what medicines do you need to get blood tests on. I was reading a couple things on the boards today, and a bunch of them mentioned getting blood tests, but which or what medication(s) deem it necessary to do so? Or is this something else the pdoc forgot to mention I should do?

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Berelain, I don't know about a lot of meds but Depakote is one, it works your liver pretty hard so they like to check your levels for that and to measure the level of depakote in your system to see if you are in a therapeutic range.  Sulu

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Might help if you mention specifically which meds you are thinking about.

I get my blood tested for problems from Lipitor, and also to check levels of one of my other heart meds. None of it for psych meds, tho.

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I'm not sure how often they're done, but you can (and should?) judge tricylic levels by blood levels.

And these days, it's not necessarily a bad idea to do an occasional liver check while on atypical antipsychotics.


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See Stasis

Get blood drawn,

Stasis stares,

intently at ceiling,


Sees blood,

room gets fuzzy,

the 98lb nurse

who always sticks

Stasis,always chuckles

since 200lb Stasis

is strapped into chair,

after the first time......

Laugh too,not much bothers me.

Stasis,big hero.

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Worry not stasis,

My brother, the auto mechanic and all-around tough guy is the same way.

Favorite family story...

Little, tiny (less than 100 lbs) sister in law is in the hospital having her first baby.  I'm on the phone with my brother to check the status.  He's in the room with her - trying to be brave - and labor in the early stages.  Nurse puts IV in my tiny sister in law.

Next thing I hear is a thud and the nurse saying, "Mr. P*** are you all right?"

I laughed my ass off.

He faints *every* time he gets blood drawn, always has.  They just lay him down on a bed, they don't even strap him in a chair.

On topic... I've been on three meds that were supposed to have bloodwork done - Lithium, Depakote, and Tegratol.  No one ever seemed to get around to ordering it. ;) Can't have blood drawn without a doctor's order.  No wonder I have little faith in my prior pdocs.  Luckily, I'm not on any of those anymore, or with those pdocs. 

I can't remember which others require bloodwork...

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