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Gloom despair and agony on me

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Hi.. I'm new. I found you guys looking for a good tome to take my new prescription of Abilify. It helped a lot at first.. Really geared me up. But I an beginning to run down. anyway I'll go into all that later.

I have had panic disorders all my life, well at least since I was 5. Then in 94 after my marriage of 22 years went belly up, I became depressed and run down as I was in college full time and raising my two kids. So my doc put me on Effexor.. Been on them ever since. But about 5 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer twice (98 and 10), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Diabetes, so my self worth went down and then I became apathetic. About a month ago I finally got through to my doc and he put me on the Abilify. I love it.

Any way, I'm pretty tired of being sick and tired. Just want to be with my homies who are just like me :P.

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