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Just a newb dealing with psychosis

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Hey all, you can call me Zef here. I've been dealing with mental illness for years now, but a recent occurance led me here. Almost a month ago (I think, my sense of time is nonexistant) I had what is commonly refered to as a 'psychotic break', with symptoms hitting me almost all at once, with great intensity, and then cycling and lasting for a good 3 days before they started to ease off very slowly. I was taken to the ER on the...3rd day, I think. I had a brain scan, which turned up nothing, so the doctor ruled me 'psychotic', and 'highly suggested' I get hospitalized 'as soon as possible' (despite being scared out of my mind, I was very compliant with the nurses and such so I wasn't ruled a danger). After my brain scan, I took a 1 hour nap, and woke up feeling almost completely lucid and fine. Though since then I've seemed to fade in an out of 'reality'.

My symptoms include various types of hallucinations. I've been having cognitive issues I haven't really had before and my memory is...not doing as well as it was. It doesn't seem to be getting worse though, thankfully. Not saying I have schizophrenia, but...it was as if I was cycling through almost every possible symptom of it (and this was -before- I read/knew about those symptoms). I've since slowly gotten more stable since my pdoc put me back on Abilify (which I was taking for MDD before), and managed to avoid hospitalization, because I have been neither suicidal nor violent.

As it stands, I'm diagnosed with MDD, ADHD, and (allegedly) PTSD. My pdoc is watching for possible schizophrenia or schizoaffective. After over 10 days back on Abilify, my delusional thinking has cleared up a -lot-, though I am still having hallucinations. Insight-wise, I've been doing oddly well, considering.

I'm going to stop here with the history, since I don't want to post too long an intro, and I really could ramble on forever. If I have posted too much, just let me know and I'll delete or cut it down.

So uh, hey. Oddly enough my mood has been pretty good and hopeful, despite the scary/terrifying moments. I've had previous symptoms that none of my diagnosis explained, so I figure no matter what I have, I might finally be able to get a grip on said things. I'm mostly here to learn and probably lurk a good while before I start posting regularly. Thanks for having me, and if I mess up or such, don't hesitate to let me know. Learning is half the battle, right?

If anyone wants to know more about me or anything specific, you can ask here, or send me a private message. I'm having cognitive problems with typing as well though, so replies might take a while.

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Welcome to CB---I hope you like our place. Please be sure to read the rules and don't be afraid to contact a mod if there is something you don't understand.

It sounds like you've had a rough time lately. I hope the Abilify continues to help you.


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