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"nopermission" error H-E-L-P ! ! !

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When I try to leave a comment on a blog I get this error: nopermission (I am SURE I am logged in.)

It's just like that, all together as one word. nopermission

I have already tried to troubleshoot a bit on my own. It's weird since occasionally I can comment on blogs. I also contacted a few bloggers to make sure their blogs were not restricted or private. One (and only one) was private; she added me to her list of people.


I am usually able to post on forums unless my response is a bit long. Then it will time out.

I also just got an error about an hour ago when I tried to edit a forum post I had just made. It posted, but then I could not edit within just a minute or so later. I made the edits, it "saved" and then just basically timed out with the "green spinning thing of waiting forever". The edits did not post. In fact, except for "save" and "cancel" I did not see an OPTION to re-post with the corrections.

Sometimes logging out and then back in helps, but only for a little while (like 30 minutes).

I want to be more active on the boards/blogs but can't. Just really, really frustrated right now. I didn't know exactly who to contact. It seems a couple of the admins (not mods) are having issues of their own and I don't want to bother anyone. HELP !?!?

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With the blogs, a person can have a public blog, but they can check a setting that allows them to approve any comments before they become visible to everyone. If you click on a blog title and get that message about not having permission, then it's a private blog and you're not on the list.

I think VE has a 90-second timer thing on replies, to reduce the incidence of spamming. If you tried to edit right after you made that post, maybe you didn't wait for the 90 seconds?

When I leave CB, most nights I empty my cache, clear out my cookies, erase my browsing history, etc. I have no idea if that would help you. If the problems continue, you might try sending a PM to Velvet Elvis. We often get problems just after he updates the software.


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RE: Admins having issues.

PLEASE feel free to contact us. If we are really in a bind or can't do something or manage an issue we will make sure it does get some attention even if not by us. But by and large if we are active on the board we are available. For myself, if I am just hunkering down in chat or not around at all, then I'm not generally "here" but I will still check my PMs and see that things are attended to.

I guess I should make myself more visible when I'm available, huh?


:) Luna.

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