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More ADD Resources On The Net.

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ADDA, the largest adults-only ADD organization, kicks ass. If there is any possible way you can make it to one of their annual conventions, you really should. There is nothing like being in a hallway outside a conference room with several hundred ADDers walking ten feet forward and then turning around and going the other direction all at once. The site has a decent selection of professionally written articles dealing with most of the important issues an ADDer is likely to face.

ADDvance is a site run by Patricia O. Quinn, MD and Kathleen Nadeau, PhD, authors of several popular ADD books. It started as a site dedicated to information for women and girls with ADD, and remains strong in that area.

Additude Magazine is a "lifestyle" magazine for people with ADD.

A Recently updated site with lots of information

NCGI: National Center for Gender Issues and AD/HD

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ADHD is something that is still, sadly, widely misunderstood even in the medical field. Getting diagnosed and properly treated, getting proper support, is tantamount. In the interest of aiding others in this endeavour, I have compiled some regional-specific non-USA websites (as the links above, though still very useful, seem to be more USA-specific.) Hopefully seekers will be able to find knowledgable professionals, information on laws and rights, and support, local to them.


Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada


CH.A.D.D. Canada


Attention Deficit Information


(That is the English version, but the main site is in French, and is based in Québec.)







ADHD Europe



ADDults with ADHD


Living With ADHD





Many/most of the websites contain additional links.

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Are there videos?? ^_^


Errrr... my attention works better with sounds, that's why. I've been searching YouTube but there's not much in there about ADHD. There are some about Bipolar like Stephen Fry's Secret Life, It would be great to watch something like that about ADHD.


It feels comforting to know people make time to make these videos and it helps for me.


If you guys know any documentaries maybe that I can find or download, please share. Thanks!

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Thank you SO much for sharing this video. I'd never heard of him before and I have a son on the spectrum - diagnosed with what was then called High Functioning Autism and had lots of early intervention. At age 17, his auditory processing was in the bottom 3 percent in the State of California.  Now he's 20 and college is not really set up for him. His dad still can't figure out why he can miss the email or the part of a syllabus or the part of the teacher's lecture on when an assignment is due. He's doing pretty well but I realize listening to this that I'm expecting him to function in this environment when at high school I had one on one teaching for the key classes like English, math and science for his junior and senior year in high school. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent my excitement at seeing what I was missing and forgetting. 

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