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found this site while surfing the net,

and thought i'd give it a try.

all of my various maladies may be found in my signature,

and i've been off and on various medications for the past fifteen years.

enjoyed a stint in the looney bin about seven years ago,

which i can't really recommend...

the food was awful.

thanks to cancer,

i found myself widowed at the age of 39 a few years ago,

and am very much stuck in a bad place on account of that...

an attitude for which my wife would have kicked my ass,

and rightfully so.

despite that,

i am a single father to wonderfully well-adjusted eight-year-old,

who is my entire source of motivation.

the therapists call me co-dependent because of that,

but i don't particularly care...

if it gets me out of bed,

i'll take it.

i started viibryd in march,

and am beginning to flatline in an alarmingly apathetic fashion.

my mis-adventures among the psychiatric community have been disheartening at best,

but i guess i give myself credit for continuing to make an effort...

it's either that or spend days on end in my pajamas,

which doesn't exactly set a good example for junior.


thanks for reading,

and i look forward to chatting with all of you.

- drake

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Hi Drake,

I just signed up for the site today. How is viibryd working for you? I mean as far as side effects go? I started it last Fall and had terrible side effects. I had awful restless leg syndrome every night while trying to sleep and it did not do much for my depression either. My Doctor put me back on Cymbalta and Abilify. I was just curious. Glad you are here. I have an 8 year old. She is my life.

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hey stacy -

i've had the least amount of side effects with viibryd...

but primarily it liquifies everything i eat,

and rockets it out of my body in short order.

(i don't think weight gain will ever be an issue with viibryd.)

i haven't slept well in years,

so i may or may not have the restless leg...

it's kind of academic,

since i constantly wake up anyhow.

i mostly feel a resigned sense of ambivalence on viibryd.

my doc thinks i can feel better than i do,

so we are working from 20 mg up to 40 mg.

i guess i better start eating more.

my eight year old is my life as well...

i can't imagine where i'd be without her.

take care,

and see you around the forum!

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