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Appearing in a puff of smoke....

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Hi. Brief stream of consciousness incoming.

Male. 24.

Bipolar. Taking welbutrin and effexor for it. Missed my meds yesterday and the day before, so feeling a bit twitchy, panicky, and paranoid right now. In addition, my best friend whom I've always leaned on to get through my crazy has disappeared and I have no way of finding or contacting her.

Suspect I've got some other underlying crazy as well that hasn't been diagnosed yet. Always had a terrible memory. Always need help keeping my house clean and keeping up with bills and shit like that. Not because I can't handle them myself, but because I just somehow can never motivate myself enough to tackle them, so they pile up.

Not really social. Great with kids, uncomfortable in peer-to-peer social situations. Never been able to get any sort of romantic relationship going, despite being a hopeless romantic.

Just woke up from a paranoid nightmare about an alien invasion (think zombie apocalypse meets reaper indoctrination ala Mass Effect trilogy -- which I've been playing the hell out of lately).

Starcraft addict. Occasional weed smoker (been way to long right now, though)

Think that's about it.

This seems like just the forum I was looking for.

EDIT: Thread title was not intended to sound as drug-y as it did.

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Welcome, check out our new user agreement (if you don't, you won't know our policy on nipple clamps) and ask if you have any questions.

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