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A dependence on caffeine but not on Methylphenidate (CONCERTA) which is Schedule II

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Hi all,

I am currently taking Concerta 54mg each morning as intructed my doctor.

It work great.

-> Crystal Clear mind

-> Fresh Mind, able to think

-> More motivation,calming,chilled out

-> Things are more fluid and slow.

-> This is this and that's that, I am putting my blue pen over here and my red pen over there (Very organizable)

-> Things are very nice. My life,others,everything.

-> Concerta is not taking Control over me, I am same the guy just more quite,happy,chilled out,able to think easier,etc.

-> Your great, I love you, you and you.

-> Fresh, GooooD Morning, its a beautiful day.

-> Able to stick to a task,more focus on the task and its more fun doing it

Stimulant effect:

I really don't notice the "good" feeling from it.

And the "feeling" effect I get from it to be a Schedule II, well thats a joke.

The thing is the outcome of my effects are SO MUCH more better,easier,fluid but I barley notice the drug effect/feeling Concerta gives me.

Like I would take it in the morning, the outcome of what I do,able to do,etc is so much better,easier,fun,chilled,etc but yet I barley notice the feeling it gives me.

I have no dependence on it at all. 0/0. NONE at all, I am now getting 0 side effects apart from the odd time in the evenings and for a couple of minutes my belly feels weird but thats it.

-> It has no effect on my heart,health,etc

-> I have no bad side effects... well none at all apart from the odd time with my belly (which is VERY VERY MINOR side effect, it would only last for a couple of minutes and still minor)

-> I do not feel I need it what so ever, 0% dependence on it. Not even 0.0001% dependence.

-> I have gotten no bad feelings in my head,body,etc.

-> All the side effects by "Concerta" listed on many websites,( inc .gov websites,offical concerta website,anti-concerta sites <-- hehe... those silly billy's need to grow up and get a life... oh yes they do, poor old chaps..)



Reading some parts of this you may think I had dispersion or something. I do not, not that I am aware of. I was still quite happy before Concerta but just a bit more too much energy,things are too fast,etc

I was put on Concerta by my beautiful doctor for ADHD. I have also been on Strattera and 2 other medications.


Why are people against Methylphenidate and other stimulants?. There are even people that don't like Concerta (MPH) and think its evil,kills you,etc.

Whats in their heads?...


crazyboards.org is an amazing forum powered by the awesome forum software written in PHP, IPB !.

Its a great place to relax,talk and meet new people, its such a great place. All the members here are HQ,the admins are nice and everything is so perfect. Its just spot on, its just perfect. 10/10,

You are all so nice, and the forum is nice and smooth and filled with love,air,skys,clouds and happiness.


Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Your awesome * .

Have a wonderful and magical day.



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wow, welcome Thavymaci

I encourage you to stay in touch with your doctor, your 'beautiful doctor'.

You seem very ebullient. There might be more going on than just ADHD.

But, what do I know, reading one post.

Still, make sure you talk about this with your doctor.

Glad you are happy and productive.

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I can relate to this so much. I was put on it for my treatment resistant depression and it was one of the few things that has worked. Probably most of the people that are against stimulants is because they had a bad reaction to it or they knew someone who became addicted or themselves who became addicted to it. Stimulants aren't always good for everyone it depends on the person's MI. It's effects are different for everyone. As long as it helps you that is what matters.

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You sound really focused (good) but also pretty manic (not good). Have you talked to your doctor recently? I'm also thinking about your ejaculatory thread of yesterday. I'm thinking you've lifted off out of hypomania into true mania. You might need your doses of things adjusted.

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I didn't read your other thread, but you do sound like you are right on the line (or a step over) mania. I started taking adderall a few weeks ago, and while I too feel many of the same positive effects you do, I don't have the pressured writing or thinking that you seem to have right now.

Id call the pdoc and explain your symptoms ASAP. Mania can turn ugly very quickly.

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