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Greetings from a Mad Scientist

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Hello there. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a 22 year old college student at a large public university in the deep southern US. I'm majoring in physics with a minor in math and am hoping to go on to graduate school when I finish my last year of undergrad.

I've been crazy pretty much my whole life. I was first diagnosed with depression at age 8, and have been through several diagnoses and multiple, multiple medications. Seriously, if you name a psychiatric medication, chances are I've been on it. I won't bore you with the details because it's quite a long and ridiculous story. I have had an eating disorder for the past eleven years. I have not quite made it to recovery yet, but I would eventually like to, and I don't think it's remotely ok to promote disordered behavior.

My current diagnoses are Bipolar (II) Disorder, ADHD (Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive), ED-NOS (Restrictive Subtype), and PTSD (I had a very close experience with the tornado outbreak of April 2011 in my town).

My current meds are Pristiq (50 mg), Abilify (10 mg), Vyvanse (60 mg), Adderall IR (10 mg), and Trazodone (50 mg).

I try to live a relatively productive life, but sometimes my brain makes it difficult. Go figure.

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