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Hi out there!

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(I never know what to say in these, so excuse me if I sound awkward!)

Hey, I'm Fourthmuse. I'm 27, and I live with my musician boyfriend, plus our roomies and their kiddo. I'm an artist in my spare time, primarily doing fiber art like crochet and spinning.

I have depression, PTSD, and anxiety disorder NOS. My therapist is also thinking I may have BPD. I'm not quite sold on that diagnosis, but if I have it, it's not like I can take it back.

I'm currently trying to bounce back from a bad bout with the depression that got me hospitalized. (Again.) I'm working with a therapist and pdoc. I'm taking 20mg Celexa, 50mg Trazodone, and 25mcg Synthroid. (I have hypothyroid as well.)

So....yeah. That's me.

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