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Guys, guys... what the hell was this today?, like wow.

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Hi all,

I would like to ask a question and why/how this happened today.

smiley.pngWhat happened:

For the past couple of weeks when on 54mg it gave me lots of side effects and not much of a good effect.

This morning I took only the 36mg with half a bottle of water. I ate nothing or drank nothing after that.

After 40 minutes I was like oh yeah things are happening in my life, feeling nice,calm,etc <--- mild effect*.

Then about over an hour everything I did/want/do/etc was increased.

I felt like I needed to do something like jogging or something

I also felt midly tired at the time, (sleepy kinda)

I have no idea why but I was able to eat and had quite an appetite.

Overall I felt so happy,jolly,fun,chilled,good,etc.

I loved my life and everything around me, I remember I was even there and was like sudding a tree and it was like I was in love with it, like "look at that tree, nice and green leaves,tall, etc".

Body was chilled out,nice life... love, happy.... just hmmm it was nice... and the thing was not a massive effect it gave me* -> I have gotten way way way more days when I would really really LOVE LOVE AWESOME everything and soooooo relaxed but was no hungry and kinda lazy.

Does anyone know what the whole thing was about this?, why it gave me this effect?.




-> I never had this happened to me before, I was also on Ritalin and never had this

-> What I had was not a problem, if anything I liked it

-> The effect/feeling it gave me was not that strong but yet it was like I noticed it but did not notice it


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Sounds like Concerta.

Taking meds on an empty stomach can change their effect. More info is needed to determine what exactly happened with you. Ask your doc or pharmacist. Could be your dose should come down, could be that you needed to take it on an empty stomach. Could be that you ate something that bumped up the effect of the meds. Could be lots of things, but your post is not very descriptive.

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Don't look a gift horse in the mouth! :)

Just revel in the fact you had a super-fantastic day; no questions asked.

This was a reminder that life is good. Enjoy.


p.s. do this more than four days in a row we will call it hypomania! :)

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whoa nelly....what kind of stuff was that? there's nothing with having a great day, however, I would call pdoc so that s/he knows you are in such a great mood.

I don't want to dampen your spirits but there is such thing as a too good a good time. PM if you need to discuss further.

good luck and enjoy

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