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Celexa: Sudden Adverse Reaction WTF?

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I am wide open for opinions, speculation, 2-cents worth, conspiracy theories, whatever on this one, heh. I've taken brand Celexa (not Lexapro) for about 15 years with excellent and highly predictable results. It's the only SSRI that actually did something for me. Anyway, I always use brand because I cannot tolerate any of the generics at all--bad medicine, Kimosabe.

I've been getting my RX filled at a local Kroger pharmacy. Suddenly, with this last prescription I thought I was finally losing my friggin mind: severe depression, suicidal, massive migraine attacks, severe stomach/digestive upset, you name it. These are exactly the symptoms I suffer if I ingest generic citalopram. Well, this stuff is brand, or, rather, it appears to be. I went through hell for four weeks on this crap before I finally became suspicious. I stopped for a couple of days to wait out the half-life and felt 100% better. As a risky experiment, I took half of my normal dose to see if the adverse symptoms returned. Sure enough. Blammo. Within about one hour I was right back at the event horizon of the black hole of depression. Call me crazy (giggle), but I shitcanned that batch of Celexa and went back to get another refill. Same result.

My question is this: Do you guys think it's possible that Kroger's pharma buyers got hold of a bad batch of Celexa? Or perhaps even bought counterfeit Celexa from some shady distributor? I know Kroger has been busted for these shenanigans before when they knowingly bought a shipload of stolen--and expired--insulin. I find it very hard to believe that after 15 years of solid and predictable results with brand Celexa that one (and now two) prescriptions from the same pharmacy could cause such a sudden and catastrophic epic fail. Or I wonder if Forest Labs has quietly changed the formula?

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