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Drunk, tired and bored. I thought I'd try watching some online porn in an attempt to enliven myself. Sort of worked. Those are some nice wardrobes but you've painted the rest of the room a sort of aqu

Agnes, my five-ish lab/spaniel mix, has concluded that a rilly rilly helpful thing to do for her brother, who is nearly 17 and twenty+ arthritic pounds smaller than she, is to follow him as he labors

Quite a few women have said to me that women can be brutal to each other. Men might be more violent towards each other but women seem to go for psychological violence, which is far worse. I probably g

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I'm so sick of Facebook. Three people who happen to be relative post just Trump propaganda and religious nonsense. One makes six or seven posts a day so I always have to see this crap.

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I learned a new word today - Yonic. It was in reference to this perfume bottle, which should give a clue as to it's meaning.


I mean it does look a bit like a... lady's private dirty shameful bits. Or vagina if you prefer. Or clunge, minge, flange, beaver. You get the idea. It's the female version of Phallic, which is a fancy way of saying that something looks a bit like a cock. Something like this


That's a church. Either the architect wanted it to look like a wonky cock or he was a really shit architect. Yes he! Which isn't meant to sound sexist. Women can of course be architects but it's difficult to imagine a female architect building a giant wonky cock. I guess the pulpit is at the tip. Oh and there's a disgusting joke about the organ player which I won't repeat.

We've probably all heard something called phallic but how many of us have ever heard the word yonic? Let's redress that imbalance with some yonic images.




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Drunk, tired and bored. I thought I'd try watching some online porn in an attempt to enliven myself. Sort of worked. Those are some nice wardrobes but you've painted the rest of the room a sort of aqua colour? You've got some nice antique looking wardrobes there with a dark finish but I can't condone your colour scheme for the room. That shade of blue just clashes with the wardrobes. No, get your tits out of the way. Maybe an off white colour? Something like Ivory. She had some really nice wardrobes though.

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2 hours ago, jt07 said:

I wonder how many people will eat turkey today.

I told my parents that I was debating eating just sides and skipping the turkey part (it’s honestly my least favorite of the components), and they looked at me like I was growing a third ear. So now I’ve got to figure out whether to do it anyway.

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I was reading an article by a man who has an enormous penis and the problems it's caused him. We're talking a tripod here. Quality journalism from the Guardian! It took him years to have normal sex with his wife because he was trying to park a monster truck in a regular parking space (I thought using a euphemism would make it sound better but I think I've just made it sound much worse.) The poor guy. Yeah I felt no sympathy at all. At no point when I was reading it did I think "Well I'm glad that my penis isn't that big!" Oh yeah, being hung like an elephant sounds awful.

I think that men find their genitals far more fascinating than women do. Maybe that explains all the unwanted dick pics. They're just trying to share something that they find interesting with you, bless 'em. "Here's a picture I took of an Osprey, here's a picture of the Colosseum in Rome, and here's a picture of my penis." What? You don't like Ospreys? God I'm no expert on women and relationships, but besides any other problems with that do they really think it's going to work? Yes it was love at first sight. The moment he sent me a picture of his wrinkly scrotum I knew he was the one for me. Our love was written in the creases of his nut sack. I think I should probably shut up now.

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I think I might've found a new purpose in life. Trolling right wing dickheads. These people are frighteningly dumb and so certain of their stupid fucking opinions. There's a group called Make Britain Great Again on YouTube. Oh for fucks sake. Maybe I can influence them by being even dumber than they are. "You can use facts to prove anything but that doesn't make it true. Who can say for certain that the world is round and dinosaurs existed? But the liberal media forces these 'facts' on us and it's all fake news and disinformation." I think I'm in with these dumb fucks. Wish me luck.

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    • By JustCurious
      so I have sadi this before but i have had many many mnay hallucinations over my whole life time they have been there since i can think such as this thing i used to see when i was 4-7 years old they have gotten more intense over the years there on and off they can last for months or weeks (longest being 6months) and im starting to question things like i thought i saw dead people or did i hallucinate them and its only starting to happening but its hard to explain anything and i feel so numb and i cant access my thoughts can someone please give me reasons why i could be hvaing these hallucinations 
    • By Angeni Mai
      Lately I've been finding myself believing that there are kangaroos and camels in the backyard but later recognize them as deer. It makes no sense because neither kangaroo nor camel are native to my country. 

      Additionally, I've been having issues with thinking I'm speaking with people and then when I ask them what we were just talking about, they either say we haven't talked about anything for a while or that we were talking about something completely unrelated to what I thought the conversation was. 

      Any ideas of what the Hell might be going on here? I've never had something like this happen persistently up until a few months ago but now it's really becoming a concern. I start seeing a new psychiatrist on the 15th of March, and will bring all of this up, but I kind of wonder if anyone can give me a glimmer of insight of what might be happening here. 
    • By TigerEyes91
      Heyyy... I was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. I hear voices, have obsessive/negative thoughts (possibly intrusive), have thought broadcasting, and mood swings. As of now I am on abilify-15mg, rexulti-4mg, and lexapro-20mg. I'm seeing a pdoc as well as a therapist. Though, it's really hard to keep my appointments with my therapist due to my social phobia. I keep thinking people can hear my thoughts and think of me as 'disgusting.' I even sometimes think my family & friends hear me. It's getting so hard to deal with... I think about suicide a lot... but I know deep down that it's not the only option and it is very final. There is help for me!!! 
      Anyone else going through this crappy stuff??? What medications are you on? How do you deal? What has helped you - past and present? How long have you dealt with this? 
      Feel free to add any additional information about what you are going through... I am also here to help anyone going through this because I know how hard it can get... believe me. Sometimes I am better at offering advice rather than taking my own. However, please seek help from a professional if you feel you are at your wits end.  
    • By Grey Matter
      Hello everyone. I find lately I've been getting random moments of panic attacks, suddenly feeling overwhelmed. Seemingly caused by the most innocuous things. Just today it was windy and rainy off and on at the dog park where I take my dog scraps. it was seemingly going fine till one of the tent poles started creeking and popping which scared scrapsy to death so we decided to hang back in the parking lot over viewing the lake and I could feel it coming on so I rushed home and end up curling into a ball on the chair trying the relaxation response while repeating words to lift me up, I don't know whether it helped or not I'm kinda still dealing with the fallout. I was just wondering if anyone gets random episodes like that,sorry if it's a dumb post I just don't know much about any of my conditions.
    • By cosima
      i don't want to puncture pictures a billion times with thumbtacks plus my nephew sometimes pulls things down from my board and i don't want thumbtacks flying everywhere.
      any ideas? i don't know if sticky tack will work.. but it seems unlikely.
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