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Drunk, tired and bored. I thought I'd try watching some online porn in an attempt to enliven myself. Sort of worked. Those are some nice wardrobes but you've painted the rest of the room a sort of aqu

Agnes, my five-ish lab/spaniel mix, has concluded that a rilly rilly helpful thing to do for her brother, who is nearly 17 and twenty+ arthritic pounds smaller than she, is to follow him as he labors

Quite a few women have said to me that women can be brutal to each other. Men might be more violent towards each other but women seem to go for psychological violence, which is far worse. I probably g

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On 9/12/2020 at 12:38 AM, Fluent In Silence said:

As much as I'd hate to have lots of people here I'm still surprised that this forum isn't more popular. Been on a few mental health forums (got kicked off one because some people have no sense of humour) and this is a good place.

I think newbies don't realize how active it is because they don't realize how much is going on in the blogs, they just see the forum and they think there is no one here. It really is a great place

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Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Rogers. That’s something I know now. And so do you.

Do you have any idea how bored you can get spending anywhere from 70-90% of your time lying down for 48 days? I do.

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13 hours ago, Antecedent said:

Millicent is a good name, let's bring it back.. I mean i don't know how,  I guess I'll just start calling people Millicent

You wonder what happened to some names. B.F. Skinner's first name was Burrhus. What? Was he named by someone with a speech impediment? But one of my favorite things is the name of the year competition. I mean Katie Smrcka-Duffy Fudd, Beanbag Amerika, Dr. Reason Machete. These are all real people, and nobody I've shown this competition to has quite shared my enthusiasm.


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I'm watching Mindhunter on Netflix at the moment, which is very good. I do wonder how a woman would feel watching this though. It concerns serial killers who have generally done some evil shit to women. It's well made and I find it interesting, but then I'm a man and I don't really worry about some psycho wanting to take out his fucked up relationship with his mother out on me. The show isn't misogynistic or anything, just makes me think how shit it can be to be a woman. Not shit to be a woman exactly, more how men can be fucking awful to women. I don't know how much women feel this everyday, maybe not at all or maybe it's constantly looming. But despite my fears and anxieties I'm not at all afraid of what someone might do to me physically. Women I've met here and elsewhere have been through some shit, and the #metoo movement woke me up to this crap. God! I had a shit and uncaring mother too, and I haven't exactly been a playa when it comes to the opposite gender. I'm not angry at women. Wish I'd slept with a lot more of them but they're just human beings too. Not exactly a controversial opinion there but some men don't seem to get it. Men aren't from Mars and Women aren't from Venus, we're all from planet Earth of course. Incels and other misogynists are from another fucking planet, which I hope is full of AIDS.

Hopefully I don't sound like a "woke" virtue signalling piece of shit. Dunno, just find women interesting as human beings even if they don't want to sleep with me. They generally don't but I tend to get on better with women than I do with men anyway. I see the shit some men do to women and want to kick the crap out of the arseholes who did that (such a manly response?). There's no "us" because we have the same genitalia. Same with skin colour. Seeing people as human beings shouldn't be difficult, and maybe never quite feeling like part of the human race is why I don't feel able to kick someone out of a club which I'm not sure I belong to.

Egads! That was tedious wasn't it? I didn't mean to go on for so long. Maybe should delete this. Eenie meenie miney mo. Fuck it.


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On 9/29/2020 at 2:31 PM, Fluent In Silence said:

I'm not at all afraid of what someone might do to me physically.

Yesterday I observed a person in a well-used white pickup truck drive through the gate into the field behind one of my dad's barns and begin doing doughnuts, revving his engine and spinning the vehicle around in circles, tearing up the sod, close enough to the barn that he could easily have struck it. I was out cleaning the yard, so, hoe in hand, I ventured out to investigate and found a young (as I later learned) ne'er-do-well behind the wheel. He got out and in response to my perfectly reasonable request to know what he thought he was doing, he told he he was there to pick someone up.

A short tete-a-tete followed in which I explained that he was on my family's property and if he had been sent to pick someone up he was to either sit still and do it, or go park and wait by the side of the road. He then used his phone to call someone and say, "Yeah, where is he? There's the old guy here [me, evidently, 53] who's mad - calm down, mister [I was perfectly calm, if irritated] - okay, well, tell him I'm here."

He then proceeded to inform me that he had a right to be there because this was "their ground". 

"Oh? And whose ground is that?" I asked.

"My boss'," he said, and named my family's family-owned company.

"That's my father, and this is our ground, and you can get back in your truck and sit there quietly and wait, or your can go park by the side of the road. What's your name?"

"None of your business."

"You're on our ground, so it's very much my business."

He then said - and this is the point of the whole narrative - "You'd better not try to hit me with that hoe." And then he turned around to get back into his truck.

It had not crossed my mind to assault him with the hoe, and indeed, I had quite forgotten I was holding it. Had I intended to confront someone armed with a weapon of violence (as if - my weapons are words, and I am thus always armed and dangerous), a grubbing hoe would not have been my first, second, or even fifteenth choice. Yet this young nit - who but moments prior was hurling himself bodily about in an uncontrolled vehicle - apparently saw menace in a garden implement.

I have never been in a fight in my life. The closest I ever came was in the fourth grade, when a hugely fat boy took umbrage at me for reasons that remain unclear to me to this day, and decided that only a bout of fisticuffs would settle the matter. For the first and only time in my life I found myself encircled by a ring of my peers, facing this young pustule with his fists raised before his red, doughy face, and I thought: This is absurd. "I will not fight you," I said, turned by back on him, pushed my way out of the ring of gawkers, and walked away. I've always felt rather bad for him; it must have been humiliating to have someone casually decline such a challenge without any fear at all. Still, I felt none, and would feel none today if thus challenged. Even if someone pulled a gun on me it wouldn't rattle me particularly. Guns aren't for threatening people. Once you pull one out and point it, you either use it or you look a fool. There's no middle ground. If someone pulls a gun on me, he's either going to have to shoot me, or he might as well put it away. And if he shoots me, he'd be doing me a favor. I'm never so lucky.

But to get to the point where you don't care what happens to you, I think one has to suffer enough to realize that pain and loss are only matters of degree, and when one has had enough pain and lost enough that matters, one can approach a state that might be called "fearless" - a state in which what might be at risk is either not worth pain, or so very much worth the cost of pain that the cost is not even considered.

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On 10/1/2020 at 11:50 PM, Cerberus said:

This is absurd. "I will not fight you," I said, turned by back on him, pushed my way out of the ring of gawkers, and walked away.

That is cool though. Bet the gawkers were shouting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Yeah entertain us. Used to do that at my school anyway. Isn't watching someone get hurt fun? Not really no. I remember watching this strange anime about a couple of samurai. One of the characters said something like "I won't fight you. It doesn't interest me." That seemed so much damn cooler than fighting him. I guess that might be more humiliating than kicking the crap out of him but violence is absurd. Never been in a fight either.

People who call other people snowflakes tend to be incredibly sensitive while accusing everyone else of being too sensitive. Just today I saw a comment on YouTube which went something like "You can't say anything these days because snowflakes are too easily offended, meanwhile feminists are dressing up as vaginas." Pffft! What the fuck? Those snowflake are too sensitive but he's seems to be offended by feminists dressing up as vaginas. I don't recall seeing such a thing and if I have then it didn't offend me or seem at all memorable. I mean what the fuck? So snowflakes are easily offended by the wrong things? But they should be offended by feminists dressed as vaginas? Why? I can be annoyingly right on and liberal but I wouldn't say I'm a snowflake. I don't think people shouldn't say something because it offends my tender sensibility, I think some people should shut the fuck up because they're talking ignorant bullshit.

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On 10/27/2020 at 11:24 AM, Banana Smurf said:

This is awesome!

My Clone (daughter) just sent it to me. I thought it was pertinent to this thread.


She also sent me this, which is 100% accurate. She's 15.

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10 minutes ago, KJ said:

My Clone (daughter) just sent it to me. I though it was pertinent to this thread.


She also sent me this, which is 100% accurate. She's 15.

I want to send this to my dad.  Imma steal it.  

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Judge Judy, Oprah, Obama, Donald Trump, Kayne West, Kim Jong Suk, Putin and Queen Elizabeth should have a fight to the death, each equipped with a weapon of their choice, for Trump it's his hairspray. The battle arena will take place in a sand box and they all be wearing Victoria Secret Angel wings.

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