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18 hours ago, Fluent In Silence said:

From what I've heard there are some minor health benefits, which are weighed against some minor health risks.

In my case, there was evidently some concern about something pulling on something that oughtn't be pulled upon. I wasn't really consulted as to my opinion on the matter at the time. Grownups knew best, apparently. Something along the lines of "This is for your own good."

18 hours ago, Fluent In Silence said:

That is one of the original justifications I've heard for it though - it prevents masturbation.

This is in fact absolutely true - until the stitches come out. After that the effect wears off completely. I have never observed corn flakes to have any effect whatsoever, aside from the fact the corn flakes are themselves not particularly titillating even when sugar-frosted.

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2 hours ago, Gearhead said:

Have you seen The Road to Wellville? You need to watch it. 

I've actually been meaning to watch that. I saw a clip from it at this talk on the history of mental health treatment I went to a while back. Quote from the movie off IMDB "My own stools, Sir, are gigantic and have no more odor than a hot biscuit." Seems to be a lot of quotes on poop. "One should never, ever, interrupt one's desire to defecate. I have inquired at the Bronx and London Zoos as to the daily bowel evacuations of primates. It is not once, twice, or three times, sir, but four. At the end of an average day, their cages are filled with a veritable mountain of natural health." Sounds like my kind of movie.

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On 2/17/2021 at 5:41 PM, Fluent In Silence said:

Weird fact: John Harvey Kellogg believed that eating his corn flakes and being circumcised would prevent masturbation, which he saw as dangerous and damaging.

This just in re: corn flakes:


It would appear corn flakes can dangerously stimulating in quite a different way.

Which makes you think twice about Tony the Tiger® with his red bib on and his thumb up declaring, "They're gr-r-r-reat!"

Note, however, that Tony is himself scarce online these days, having been disappeared from his Twitter account by Kellogg, likely on account of the ceaseless barrage of unwanted propositions by sex-crazed furries:


He also appears to have picked up a certain following in gay circles, perhaps because of the neckerchief, which, in fairness, bears striking similarity to that worn by Freddie on Scooby-Doo, and, well - he never put any moves on Daphne, did he, and I think we can all agree that Velma was... uninterested. I mean, if she wanted to keep males beyond the walls, the way she wore that turtleneck sweater served as an effective barrier; she might as well have been wearing the Tower of London.

Sorry, I'm tangenting. As you were.

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