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CONCERTA: No motivation feeling,only sometimes.. but just

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Hi all,

I have been currently taking Concerta for the past couple of months... My doctor moved me up to 54mg last month, moving from 36mg to the 54mg made a big differnce.. It was like I was on a "drug", it did not make much difference to the motivation but it really really made me very anxious. (when I was on 54mg I would get panic attacks, ( about 70% of them were low panic attacks...) could of also been caused by sleep deprivation and stress..

Anyway, for the past 3 days I have stopped taking 54mg and taken 36mg instead. All the anxiety side effects are mostly gone...

Now back on Friday when I took the 36mg it worked great.... Its like the same effect as today except I had more motivation..

yearsday and today its just giving me a chilled out effect... things are more slow,chilled out,calm,etc... its pretty good...

now, I was also on "Strattera" which was pretty bad.. it also gave me a chilled out effect but a too much chilled out effect and I felt cold,dull,sad,lazy,etc on it..

With Concerta 9 out of 10 times its just giving me a nice calm chilled out effect...

it does not seem to effect my motivation that much (dopamine)..

its like its ignoring the dopamine... (MPH) is apost to block the dopamine reuptake inhibitor right?, but it concerta 9 out of 10 times does not seem it does that.

This is not serious (not effecting my health,brain,etc) in any bad way but overall I would like it to increase my motivation..

I was also on Ritalin 10mg fr, 20mg la and 30 la... they all made me get the motivation ...

why is this?, so say I take concerta 10 times for 10 days . only 1 day out of those 10 days It gives me a motivation feeling....

I just don't understand, why?... why is this?....

Anyone know why?, could something be causing this?, is this normal,etc?.

Have a great day.

Thank You.

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like concerta is a stimlaunt... (class 2 drug)...

for me, 9/10 out of the time (inclduing now)... I just feel:

-> chilled out

-> calm

-> things are more nice and slow

-> body/brain/thinking/etc is more clear and smooth...

-> thinking is more clean...

-> thinking ahead of my actions... example: there's a slide of bread. I have two choices, I can put it in the toaster and have it toasted and eat it or have the nice fresh bread with lettas mix,tommato,etc and I would think of eating it and what it would be like... now, that's just an example and ofcourse I would still be like that even if I have not taken concerta but still things are more clear,simple,fluid,smooth,etc (thinking/actions/talking/movement/etc..)

-> overall, just nice and quite... relaxed, calm... chilled... nice life.. just doing my thing... nice and clear ,slow... nice...

If I did not take Concerta today then it would be like this:

-> everything is more faster...

-> too much energy kinda... unable just to be calm.. (like I am now, I am in my chair, listing to some nice ambient chill out and things are nice and slow,smooth,clear,relaxed,etc..

-> doing things without thinking as much kinda


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