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Hey guys,

Just had my p-doc appointment this morning. Went pretty well.

P-doc intends to augment my dose of Clozapine with Gedon/Zeldox.

Anyone out there had experience with the combo? His intention is to lower the dose of clozapine and increase the dose of Zeldox until we hopefully find the sweet spot between the two.

He says that this will (hopefully) minimise the side effects of the clozapine, mainly being sedation, weight gain and loss of libido.

We have also split my dose of clozapine to 100mg/morning & 200mg/night (was 300mg/night only). This is intended to cover the bad part of my day which is currently afternoon/evenings when the cloz dose is at its lowest. Currently I get a lot of agitation, intrusive thoughts and panic at this time, which makes sense as blood levels are the lowest at this time.

Anyway it looks like we have some options on the table. Im still allowed to use my diazepam as needed which is good because right now I really fricken need it :)

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I have augmented clozapine with ziprasidone in the past although currently I am augmenting it with fanapt.

The clozapine is very beneficial to me but I cannot take a full (over 300mg) dose of it because I have problems with it raising my heart rate unreasonably at those dosages as well as problems with excessive sleepiness and weight gain.

The combination with the ziprasidone worked fairly well for me but I'd forget to take it with food so we switched to augmenting with fanapt which was much more even. I still did (and do) have problems with excessive sleepiness with this combination so I take provigil to counter act that.

I recently moved and had to find a new pdoc and she questioned the effectiveness of being on two aaps and titrated me off the fanapt. It did not go well as I had a strong reemergence of voices and paranoia. So I'm in the process of reintroducing it now. For me the combo with clozapine does much more than either drug can do alone.

I hope it works out for you.

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About geodon: It can give you dystonia, i got a minor form of it. It also knocked me out every time I took it and gave me some slight anxiety. It helped my negatives fairly good but left me with a disorganized mind. I found no difference between 80mg and 160mg.

Well anyway thats my experience, but it does sound like geodon isnt helping you much. The only connection geodon has with panic attacks is it can cause it.

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