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Hi, everyone!

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Hi fellow Crazies,

I'm a 22 year-old college kid with a few years left. My name is Carl, in case you couldn't tell from the username.

I'm 4 years deep in my undergrad, probably 3 years left. I've had a serious problem with motivation for as long as I can remember and have decided to do something about it in light of my almost-expulsion. My dean suggested I see a counselor; she diagnosed me with clinical depression (no surprise since it's definitely in the family.. all of my immediate family and most of my extended). MD started me on Prozac 20mg back in May, it screwed me up (sleeping 14 hrs/day, massive mood swings). Lost my job from being late too often, which isn't too bad because honestly it was time to move on anyhow. After that, had a couple days of seriously bad tendencies, SI etc... quit the Prozac, picked up Zoloft a couple weeks later. 3 weeks on sertraline so far, no ill side effects!

When I drink I feel a hell of a lot more like SI, even though I never ever have before the Prozac, and have a couple times (minor). I'm not necessarily feeling down, just....detached. I gotta say that tonight I read about the rubber-band trick and I must say it's truly worked.

Anyway, CrazyBoards is what pulled me out of the abyss of very-near-suicidal tendencies at 4 in the morning the nights after I lost my job. It's extremely comforting knowing that other people are out there who are going through the same sh*t. I feel like I owe this community at least my membership. I wish each and every one of you my friendship and best luck! If there is ever anything I can do to help anyone, let me know! I'm especially good at listening...and I tell some good stories! And if you live in KS, my roommate has the cutest puppy ever to cuddle with!

Love you all,


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