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Newbie from AZ

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I am a University student in Arizona. These community seems like a very good place to hear about other people's experiences. I suffer from depression and social anxiety so finding an online forum like this is the perfect way for me to talk to others as I slowly but surely walk the path towards recovery. Hopefully I can offer insight to help others and maybe I can make friends? I am very hopeful.

Thanks for reading.

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Hello and Welcome AZ girl. Today is my first day, and trying to meet new friends too. I have a BS in Comp Sci, but I would love to go back to school and get a degree in Psychology. I think it would be very interesting. One thing about the brain I would love to know more about is why some people are color blind. I am color blind, and want to know why.

I am also severly depressed and have anxiety. The doc's say it is from PTSD from the war. But I think I am just depressed..

Anyway welcome and hope to see you around.

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Hihi :)

I'm a student also.

I have a lot of problems with anxiety.

It has improved a lot, though at one point it was so bad, along with the depression, that I would only leave the house about once a week or so, and that would be strictly for appointments. I was scared to go into a store, or get gas, or talk on the phone.

...but I could be here. And it helped. I made contact with a lot of people going through the same thing. CB was one of the things that helped me start to reach out again and be social and want to make contact with the "outside world". I remember going into a grocery store by myself for the first time in what had seemed like forever and was just amazed.

This is a great place. With great people.

Check out the blogs and chat as well as the boards and think about saying hi in blogcountry.

If you have any questions feel free to message me or any of the other mods or admins.



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