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Suppose i shud make 1 of these intros!

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Hello :)

Firstly wanna say that i am liking the look of this forum lol!!! Seems a bit crazy in here, so, think ill fit right in :P

Im 22 and i suffer from crippling anxiety each and every day. Ive a specific phobia (erythrophobia - dont expect any of yas to understand!) and social anxiety. I also suffer from depression. Sometimes feel i may have bi-polar due to mood swings, but, that could be due to various reasons...

Been like this for too many years now and honestly dont think anything will ever change. The hope i once had, drifted further and further away, to the point of non-extistance. In 2008 i became agrophobic, my life went into the gutter, so, i pushed myself to re-build back up my life. Ive built it up to a very satisfactory stage - i volunteer in a helpline and study psychology in college. Although i do these things and have friends, inside i still wake to feel dead inside.

Ive been dependant on Xanax now for roughly 2yrs. If it wernt for those pills. i couldnt tell ya where id be to this day! These pills i fear, coz, they have built back up my life, but, they are the one thing that can make it all fall apart again.

Ive been in several therapies and have tried several meathods to help myself. The conclusion that i have come to is that i am not looking for a cure, rather, i am looking at how to manage living and learning about me, myself, and I, along the way!

Wont go into my history more than that, coz we all gotta histroy.

I wont say my life is hard, coz we all gotta hard life.

What i will say tho, is, one day at a time....

Hope to share my story here as it evolves and hope to meet/talk to new people who understand what life is like for 'us'...

Thanks for reading,

Cyas around :) x

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