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Hey there.

Sorry I took like... 3 weeks? To introduce myself. Made up a bunch of reasons to not even say hi. -_-

Hi, my name is Kat. I... Dont know what to say really. Hey. So, I have PTSD and Social Anxiety. My therapist also wants me assessed for dissociative disorders, but we are locked in a battle of willpower. This is a sad paragraph, I think I need to have some nicotine.

I feel like I should say more. Or less. Less is probably better.

Anyways, thats all I can nervously say right now, hello.

Squee! :ninja:

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Hello, Kat. I hope you enjoy hanging around here, and don't worry about posting much if you are uneasy with it.

Take the time to read the user agreement, and I hope you like being a part of the Crazyboards family.

Buncha nuts, but a nice buncha nuts! :)


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