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Psychotic side effects of Prozac

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I've been on Prozac for a while, and I've noticed, in addition to increased mood swings (bipolar), that I get these side effects:

- mild hallucinations, in the form of seeing people out of the corner of my eye who aren't really there

- increased paranoia, in the form of thinking people I know are mad at me when they would have no reason to be

- forgetfulness

Has anyone had these sorts of side effects? I asked the pharmacist about it and she said that there might be a correlation between schizophrenic-type disorders and increased amounts of serotonin.


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I am not sure. However I am taking zyprexa for psychotic symptoms and it works on blocking excess dopamine and serotonin. So serotonin might be correlated to your symptoms.

I took Prozac 10 years ago for depression and never had those symptoms. So if you had hallucinations and paranoia, report these symptoms to your doctor. As medicines work differently in different people.

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Don't panic over what the pharmacist said. He is thinking chemicals, not practicality. You aren't suddenly becoming SZ. ;)

It is possible for some antidepressants to cause a manic reaction.

Part of the treatment goals are learning what your Bipoplar triggers and symptoms are so treatment can be adjusted. For me, seeing things out of the corner of m eye, and getting paranoid are indicators that I'm slipping a bit, or getting stressed. That said, it also seems that some of the meds tend to cause the 'corner of the eye' effect too...

I would urge you to call your pcod for an appointment soon to discuss this and so he can evaluate you. Maybe a switch to another AD, or upping mood stabilizer, maybe you are not getting good sleep, or are under extra stress...

Good on you for recognizing the signs. Try not to get upset, but do follow up with your pdoc. am. :)

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