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Don't know who the hell I am!

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Found this forum while searching info on Marinol. My Father passed away last week and left behind a bottle of the stuff and was debating on self medicating for my anxiety.

Once I saw the descriptions of the forum sections I knew I had to join lol.

WHo the hell am I? - jeeze....... Who knows....

I suffer with ADD depression and anxiety and recently met a woman who has my exact symptoms - our lives are almost identical and she has been diagnosed as bi-polar (soft). I had a shrink tell me I might be bi-polar a couple of years ago but we both shrugged it off. Me becasue I dont want to be bi-polar her because my 15 mins alloted for my med update was up.

I had a major bout with depression a few years ago and wa almost killed by Lexipro. There have been various drugs and doctors in between but I am currently drug free.

But my life is really a mess. Most of the problems are financial brought on by wreckless investments and spending. I have a great business but have trouble staying focused and let fear of rejection (which manifest as severe anxiety and sleeplesness) keep me from thr success I need to get out of trouble.

Thinking of going back to the doc to see about this bi-polar (soft) thing. I need some sleep - tired of waking up at 3-4 a.m. which eventually brings on the depression.

I'd like to try a mood stabilizer. In the past Valium helped my anxiety and so did the lorazepam I swiped form my dad.

Oh crap - Im rambling - sorry :)


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Welcome to the boards.... and my sympathies on your dad's passing. Given your past history and everything you have been through lately, I think you might really benefit from an assessment to see if therapy and appropriate medication(s) would help you get your life a little bit more on track.

By the way... point of clarification. Valium and lorazepam are not considered mood stabilizers. They are benzodiazpines; generally prescribed for anxiety. Your dad may have had lorazepam prescribed by his doctor if he had a serious (physical) illness, he may have needed something to help control his anxiety from the underlying illness. (My mom was given something similar when she had terminal cancer).

Technically benzodiazapines are ideally only to be used for a short time and/or taken PRN (as needed) rather than scheduled (ie.twice per day) Of course, that decision would be up to the prescribing physician to decide along with the patient. I am not saying people should not take this type of drug; only that it should be used in conjunction with an overall treatment plan under the care of a therapist (t-doc) and prescriber (p-doc is the term we use for a prescribing psychiatrist or other type of medical professional who is licensed to write for medication).

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