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Advice needed: Meds for trichotillomania SSRIs not an option

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I have bulumia which I can reasonably control, some general anxiety - also not too bad but I've had trichotillomania for several years & now it's really bad. I've tried two SSRIs Zoloft & Lexapro 50mg & 10mg but the nausea side effects of both were so bad that I couldn't keep taking them as they were causing a serious bulumia relapse.

I am seeing the doctor soon & the two main side effects I cannot deal with are nausea & weight gain. Is it worth trying any of the a-typical anti-psychotics as the seem to all cause weight gain? I've tried Seroquel 25mg and it just made me insanely hungry but not sure if the dosage needed to be higher.

Am considering an MAOI like Mannerix but people seem to say meds for tics and tourettes work well also - any advice at all would be so helpful. Finally I live in Ireland so some drugs you guys have aren't available here & my doctor needs me to educate her - most doctors here really don't know much about trich.

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