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Hrrmmmmmm hello.

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Hi, my name is Tom. I've been told about this board by one of my wife's counselors, said it was a great wealth of information and help, and since the wife is dyslexic, as well as having some social phobia's, I'm here to devour as much information as possible.

My wife, god bless her, has been diagnosed as Schizoaffective, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, and I think one or two more that have been affecting her since childhood.

As her partner in life, it's made my life not an easy task to live, however, it's explained many many things that have happened over the last ten years of our life together.

I lurk a lot, have no idea what I may be diagnosed with, however, my main concern is learning as much as possible about helping her as much as I can.

I like long walks after dark, music, and poking dead things with sticks.

The mental health community where we live is very frustrating, and we are trying to cut down on her hospital visit's, as when she returned from the military her first year she was in 10 times at least.

So I hope to learn, and maybe contribute, and we'll go from there. Thanks!

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Hi ruvon. I am not sure how much assistance CB can be for you. We are a first person site, usually advising folks looking for assistance with spouses, children, or friends to seek out forums that deal specifically with those kinds of situations.

I salute you for seeking information and ideas for helping your wife, but urge you to get her to join up on CB and post for and about herself. The community is basically user friendly and can be, and often is, the first step in managing social phobias.

Best wishes.

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