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Hi there, Aspergers and bi-polar mix here :) (I think anyway :P )

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Glad to be here. I've been pretty alone all my life in all this. I'm almost 30, male, live in North Carolina. I've been diagnosed with bipolar1, social phobia, ocd, and I think add when I was a kid but who knows if I have that or not!

I also just recently found out I am on the adult autism spectrum, closest to aspergers it seems (or maybe PDD-NOS).

So mainly bi-polar with bad irritable mania, and having aspergers where I can't make eye contact, I have extreme over stimulation from lights and sounds which cause irritablility and it's like the bi-polar and aspergers bang together and explode into madness!

I have had an interesting thing happen due to some nerve damage I had earlier this year I would like to share. I'll post it on another part of the forum since this is the welcome page.

I hope to make some friends here and find comfort in knowing I'm not alone, and hopefully be able to offer comfort and help to others.

Thanks for reading! :)


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Welcome. I, too, was diagnosed with Asperger's later in life at 30. Still wrestling with that diagnosis but it definitely makes a lot of sense when I look back on things.

Unknown: Really? They don't know you're looking at the middle of their forehead? I was told to look at their nose...

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