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Bipolar type ii - were you wrongly diagnosed with depression?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Yes. In this order.

Depression and anxiety/panic disorder

Post partum on top of major depression

bipolar II emphasis on depression

borderline personality disorder

and just recently...(drumroll please)

OCD harm thoughts

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I was wrongly diagnosed with depression, then with BP II, now it's been changed to BP1 with unstable moods and rapid cycling.

For more than 15 years I'd be put on whatever the latest AD was, be ok for a while, then switch to mania and go off the AD myself without medical supervision. I loved being manic and thought I was too damned great to need to go to a doc, so nobody but me knew of my manic episodes. I have never had many friends, but I had a lot of doctors. So I was up and down, on and off meds from different docs, both pdocs and gdocs.

Then my drinking (which had always been unhealthy) got worse and worse, and I finally went into residential rehab. While there I missed a couple of days worth of Effexor and BAM! I had a psychotic episode and went ballistic. The treatment centre got me in ASAP to a pdoc who finally diagnosed me BP 2 based on the depressive episodes I told her about. I still wasn't talking about mania. However, a few months and a new med later I went hypomanic, and the pdoc could see it for herself (blue and purple hair anyone - on a 45 year old?) She had me keep a mood diary to confirm the diagnosis.

After that I was still relapsing on booze, and ended up in the ER after having tried to kill myself with my pills. I was assigned a life counselor by the hospital and she hooked me up with the pdoc i have now, as well as helping me to apply for various treatments and classes, and to clean up my home (which had become a hoarder's funhouse).

I finally got off of the booze permanently and here I am. They are trying to get me to make more friends and socialize but i'm really more comfortable with my own company and my partner, and my pets. So other than my partner I don't really have any social supports, as my daughter and family don't have anything to do with me.

Yesterday I saw my pdoc and he confirmed my dx. I am in the process of filling out the forms to get CPP (Canada pension plan) disability and pdoc had to fill out his bit with the dx.

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I was wrongly diagnosed for over 10 years. Went through about 12 doctors before the one I have now told me I had bipolar II and put me on Lamictal 200mg. I was good for awhile but now I feel the rage and anger coming back again. I'm getting married next month and just bought a house so the added stress has not helped. I'm wondering if maybe I should up the dose? or are these changings messing me up. I scream and throw things/break stuff everyday, but I have a great job and am a high functioning work-a-holic during the day. It's only when work is over and I step into my house that I start to go nuts.

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same as several others...spent ~20 years trying AD after AD...they would seem to work a while, then "poop out", the depression has been really severe and hypomania only observed when I was inpatient...I just didn't know, I always figured those were the times I wasn't depressed!

the first time I thought the doc didn't know what the h# he was talking about (it was me that didn't know)

the second time when the lamotrigine worked so beautifully, I began to get it...hypomanias are never very crazy...just feel good, sometimes irritable or angry (but justly so I think) :cool:

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I was diagnosed and treated for MDD for 12 years , and then ended up with a BPI diagnosis,not BPII, but its just as frustrating.

I have been formally diagnosed as having BP1 with borderline tendencies - probably mainly because of the odd self harm and the lack of emotional insight.

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Yes. I was first diagnosed with depression at 12 and put on meds at 16 when four years of counseling didn't make a dent. I was 32 when diagnosed with bipolar II. I had some other psychological issues that made the diagnosis a bit more challenging - my hypomanias are either irritable/anxious or very productive and happy, without much of the overspending or dangerous activity that's sometimes associated with it, so they either look like a kind of energetic depression or just a lifting of the depression. I've gotten very good at limiting my activity to the stuff I have to do, like work, and letting social life and family activity (we don't live together) fall to the wayside, so I don't even look all that dysfunctional to the casual observer.

I think the strange pattern of my eating disorder helped tip my new pdoc off. I've had multiple "episodes" since 1999 that look like AN-R but lift spontaneously and my mood when in those episodes is fantastic. I'm social, happy, and more energetic than my eating habits and weight would suggest. He figured out that it was a form of hypomania, especially since the results of a psych assessment had his suspicions for BP2 very high. That and the fact that Wellbutrin and multiple SSRIs failed to help.

We're still tweaking my meds, but I feel better now knowing that my "treatment-resistant depression" was really just a misdiagnosis, and my failures with counseling were similar. I'm almost ready to try counseling again, now that we have a better idea of what I need help with beyond medication and that meds are a necessary part of my treatment.

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