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I feel that I have no fight left in me.

...and it doesn't really make sense to want to fight anymore.

Guess the latest lot of meds aren't working anymore either. I'm tired of the med-roundabout. Tired of always coming back to the same place. Tired of me.

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Sometimes we do make progress but the depression lies to convince us it is hopeless. Have you got anyone around who can support you?

I forced myself out of bed today, I haven't done much but eat, have a short walk and get some sunlight. I know sometimes even that is too hard but if you can do any of that self care stuff, it will help.

You sound like you need to see your pdoc and make contact with those who care about you.

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Some days it really is a burden to fight. Sometimes you have to give yourself a break and just take care of the basics. I echo blue and Titania in saying that it sounds like you need to contact your pdoc and talk about meds. Take care.

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Thanks for the replies.

I'm still going through the motions (ie work etc), but I'm just not seeing the point and I'm so tired of it.

I get that despression is a trickster, That trickster has seen me though more med-changes than I care to remember. And still it goes on.

I'm not that tear-your-hair-out, bang your head against the wall, miserable way, i'm just weary.

I have an appointment with doc, but you know how that goes... weeks away.

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