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I can't believe how normal I feel.

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I seem to completely need Paxil.  Dammit, this stuff WORKS!!!!!  It gets bashed all the time for its terrible withdrawl, but this medication probably saved my life.

Of course, I'm fat and I can't have an orgasm, but I'm not miserable.  I was crying every second...freaking out...I'm a raging hypochondriac or I may actually have fibromyalgia.  Or maybe I'm just fat...anyway....

I'm funnier, happier, and more productive than ever.  I'm kicking so much ass at work.  And I can think so damn clearly.  I'm not bogged down by horrible shit.

Just wanted to share.

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that is great!!!

I'd trade fat and anorgasmic for funnier, happier, productive ass-kickin' anyday!

I haven't tried it but have a scrip for it. Once I find a reasonably intelligent doc here, I might give it a shot myself.

Anyway, congratulations on finding a med that works!

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Woohoo for wigenie!

I am a fellow paxil lover. It is just the right med for me. I feel bad when other people do not get the blessed response I do from it.  I have tried others and none of them fix my brain like paxil.

Just another example that one size srri does not fit all.


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