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Some stranger talking to other strangers about strange things.

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Topic title was completely random. I couldn't think of anything-- Hello just sounded too dull.

My names Tessa and I'm 24 years old living somewhere in North Carolina. When I was 18 I was dianogsed with PCOS and Bipolar II. I've been on a number of cocktails since the age of 16 and have found the best combination is Depakote with Topamax and the occasional xanax for anxiety.

When I was 22 I was diagnosed with adult ADD-- which explained A LOT about my obsession with shiny. I'm not currently on meds for my Bipolar II as I can't afford it. I am on Metformin for my PCOS and Amitriptyline for cluster migraines.

I suppose I'm being incredibly short about it all. I mean, I could write my lifes story but when I look at it I think "Damn... why don't I have a jacket that hugs back?"

I'm an open book for the most part and fairly friendly. If you have questions, random comments or just wanna shoot the wind, I'm game. But for now, lets have some fun facts:

I'm married and my husband is pretty awesome

I'm a Spiritual Philosopher with a Pagan background

I aspire to being that creepy cat lady with a maximum of 3 cats because...yeah. No, creepy but not smelly

Writing is my hobby

While Constipated Cullens may sparkle, I do infact, burst into flames when in the sun too long.

I want a Legion to take over the world.

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Welcome to Crazyboards. I hope you like it here and want to hang out with us.

Keep in mind that this place is indexed by Google, so any personal information should be carefully edited if you want to remain anonymous. Be sure you read the rules so you understand how we operate.

I'm glad you found us.


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'Inflammable distracted shiny philospher....Hmmm, I'm sure there is a standard hazard symbol for that......

Welcome aboard! a.m.

I like this, I like this a lot. I assign to you the task of finding said standard hazard symbol! I must know it!

Olga-- Thank you :)

GL-- "Now what to do with it.... Hmmm..." said the other stranger, her tone of voice suggesting nothing but world domination in their future.

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Hello and welcome.

I enjoyed the eclectivity of your introduction.

(I don't care if that's a coining. If Shakespeare did it, I can too.)

"Damn... why don't I have a jacket that hugs back?"

Have you read of Temple Grandin and the squeeze machine?

(Which sounds more like a mid-sixties band, put that way...)

Chris, a jackdaw for bright sparkly words and phrases.

Amongst other things.

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