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Inspiration to quit, he's crazy (PT)

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It's a stressful night in my new home, and I resort to what I know how to do best. A blade. I make a few marks on myself and he walks in and sees me bleeding, mind you...he's severely drunk off of multiple wines and liquors. Upon seeing my self injury he takes my blade and jabs himself hard in the hand with it, a puncture wound at least an inch deep. It got everywhere, including on me. He just kept flinging it in my face and screaming at me, asking if I enjoyed watching him hurt himself...I broke down, I had the worst panic attack of my life. I flinched away from him every chance I got for the next three hours...I cried, I wouldn't let him near me.

Finally he looks deep into my eyes and tells me, "It does hurt me when you cut yourself...you don't do that. You don't act crazy, you're not crazy and you don't need that. I did this to myself...but you made your scars on your own too."

I've been clean since then, not in fear that he will hurt himself further, but for the simple fact that when I saw him bleed I realized that in hurting myself I hurt everyone else around me.

It was the scariest thing I had ever witnessed...mine was "harmless", but I've come to realize that with one simple stroke all hell can break loose.

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