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My daughter would rather be somewhere else

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My love for her is unconditional. She is my whole world. I know she loves me or at least bears to be with me. She likes my singing - and she is probably the only person in the world who does.

We have to take the very little things about our 5 year olds and hold them in our hearts - because this parenting thing is not easy. It is very hard for me.

He he. My daughter likes my singing too! Again, probably the only person who does! She also thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world. She tells me so all the time, AGAIN probably the only person who does. She thinks I'm prettier than Scarlet Johansen. HA! The other day there was a VERY beautiful woman on TV wearing a pretty dress and I walked by and said "Well that's a pretty dress!" And the little on says "Yeah, but it would look better on you, Mom" just melted me.

I think she gets it from me as I do shower her with compliments all the time. Maybe she's trying to return the favor. But if she really believes that shit, that's cute as hell.

She also says I'm her favorite person to put her to bed at night.

So you're right, there are a few things that I should cherish- her little hugs (and I DO, oh how I love them, the greatest thing ever) the way she thinks about me. She probably does think more good things than bad things.

I've been called mean, told I was hated, and that she'd rather live with her grandparents who SPOIL her. You guys are right, this is all normal 5 year old behavior.

She's going off to preschool in the fall. I'm going to miss her. The day just won't seem right without her here for a few hours a few days a week. Sigh.

But yeah, I feel better about it now. Thanks!

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I'm 26, and under a strict vow of secrecy to not reveal my mother's age, and I'm still convinced she's one of the prettiest women anywhere. I'm certain I remember a fable or folk tale about a lost child looking for their mother, who says their mother is the most beautiful woman in the world, and so forth. Very sweet. :3

I agree as well with remembering that your daughter is absorbing things from many influences in her life, not just you. Those ideas of not being pretty could be coming from anywhere. It's still heartbreaking to watch, I remember seeing my half sister go through it. She became convinced that make-up made her pretty, even a bit of chapstick. But between the house she grew up in and no TV, such ideas must have originated elsewhere.

I hope you are able to find some sort of stability soon.

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such a great age....they're learning how to manipulate! but, she really needs mom to be predictable, if boring and not as "fun"

....and who could blame grandparents for taking advantage and doing what they didn't dare to with their own children

believe me, when she hits the teens, you'll likely become the "enemy" and it's hard to resist being hurt by that

I was accused of loving the dog more than my daughter (good thing she was an only child)...lolololol

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