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Who the hell am I?

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Good question - "Who the hell are you?". I'm a crazy person. I'm trying to cope. My life can be a mess, sometimes. I'm bipolar with dysphoric hypomanic tendencies.

I wish I could be witty. But, at almost 8 AM, with no coffee, yet... Well, my glowing inner self will just have to pop out a bit later!

I stumbled across this community by chance. (Can't tell you how, exactly -- as the meds have done a number on my memory!) But...I hope I've found a place where I'll fit in (to the best of my, admittedly, screwy ability).


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Welcome to Crazyboards, Katt. I'm glad you stumbled across this place and I hope you find it a useful tool in dealing with your MI issues.

Please read the rules if you haven't done so already---it avoids misunderstandings. I also like to point out to new members that this site is indexed by Google, just as a heads-up if you are interested in remaining anonymous. Any personal or identifying information should be kept out of posts in the forums and public blogs if you don't want to be googled.

Don't be afraid to PM a mod or admin if you have any questions.


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