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UGH Nightmaters.

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Like every night I have a nightmare. IDK if it was when I was using DXM maybe I messed something up in my brain or maybe it's just that season but I keep having them. Very disturbing dreams too. Alot about God's Judgement and throne and just alot of biblacal stuff. Thats why I try to read the soothing stuff in the bible because if I don't and I get off into revelations or something then I start to spike. My anxiety has stay'd normal which thats a good sign. Two yr's ago if I was having these nightmares I would be freaking. Well when I had one this morning I ask'd God do you still love me and I was shakened so I can't really say there not freaking me out. But I'm analyzing tell it's a bloody pulp. Because. I don't know if it's the meds or demons or just my sub concience going into overdrive.

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