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I was never really good at introductions...

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So I'll just have to try and get this one right...

I've been lurking around here for quite some time and figured I should make a semi-not-really formal introduction.

I'm 22 years old and just trying to live day by day. I graduated college last year and my life fell apart. I work two jobs as a means to escape. I recently decided to play the cello.

My blog on here has a little more info about me and what I've been going through lately.

I know this is the completely wrong way to see things but I can't help but think of myself as "damaged goods" because of the way I am. I fear that I could never have a meaningful relationship because I often get bored and disconnect from the people I love most. Anyone else have these fears?

Anyway, looking forward to being a part of this site!

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I refuse to think of people with mental illnesses as "damaged goods." Some of the brightest, funniest, kindest people I have met are members here at Crazyboards. They just happen to have brain cooties. heh

So you have an illness. So do I. We take meds to treat our illnesses, and life goes on. If you let it define your life, you may have trouble enjoying yourself and falling in love and having a productive life. If relationships are difficult for you, that's an issue to work on with a therapist.

But you took the step of joining CB, and you're taking some psych meds, so you aren't giving up on yourself. I hope you can make some friends here and learn to cope with your MI a little better. Welcome to our happy home, and please contact a mod or admin if we can help you in any way.


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