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i'm anxious, nice to meet you.

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This post seems like a perfect beginning for a blog, just saying.

i've nothing more to add, nor do i wish to start a blog - it was a response to http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/58520-cyproheptadine-or-other-remedies-for-ssri-induced-sexual-dysfunction/#entry582068 in order to clarify things for members/mods who may have the same question.

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Thank you for the introduction.

I empathize with you very much. I was severely depressed from 12 years old on, but did not start medication until I was 28. I somehow made it through undergrad and grad school, too, though I was engaging in some seriously unhealthy behavior. Wellbutrin worked very well for me and did not affect my sexual function (in the sense that I could still FEEL something down there). But my meds have been fucked with heavily for the past four years, and this has cut me off at the waist.

Additionally, I am a survivor of severe sexual abuse, and from the moment I married each of my three husbands, I lost all desire for sex. Most marriages cannot survive that, and my first two did not, despite years of therapy for me.

My current marriage is struggling for this very reason. I am determined to get off of the Effexor that I know is killing my sexual feelings. And I'm looking for a new trauma tdoc who can specifically work on this area with me. I have testosterone cream, but still cannot feel anything. A (straight) marriage CAN survive sexual dysfunction, but not forever. My husband holds onto the fact that I am doing literally everything I can to get better. We are also older (44 aznd 47), so past our sexual prime, though I agree, it is the absolute center of intimacy and is too important to just accept living without.

I empathize, too, with the severe anxiety. I don't have a GAD or social phobia diagnosis because c-PTSD covers that pretty well. I cannot answer the phone, usually, and I rarely leave the house. It takes so much Klonopin to do so, I can barely function then.

So, here I've written a dissertation about myself, but I don't want to tell you how to fix yourself (I wouldn't know anyway), and so I thought I would let you know that you are not alone in this universe.

I hope you find CB helpful.

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