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Just wondered if there are any of us that have been officially diagnosed with personality disorder having experienced a family crisis or hospital admission and witnessed the clinical environment of doctors pulling strings to arrive at a schizophrenia regimen for on-going anti-psychotic treatment ....

error's in false-flagging certain responses based on personality traits or modes of communication and elaboration on meta-physical phenomena or area of interests in sub-cultural norms which is a rational or perspective of consciousness and reality. Certain persons with broad view and intereaction with telepathic phenomena, 6th sense or what has developed through mindfulness activities such as meditation, yoga, chi-gong etc. Cultural taboo's and bias attitudes toward expressing things that hold a significance to the person's everyday functioning and quality of life, with the potential for growth and alchemy of personality into better social functioning for instance.

Such attitudes are of neglect in the education of professionals as to culturally acceptable notions, with large cross reference to sub-groups and spiritualist traditions from an anthropological perspective. pulling at every response to cue's a doctor gives to come up with diagnosing schizophrenia or schizoaffective in my case, also based on normal moods that one would have in the face of social and intellectual oppression.

**Doesn't schizotypal make one more vulnerable to lapses in functioning or if one was becoming too involved in psychic phenomena such as attention to astral phenomena.

Most of what got considered bizarre was based on rational evidence of psycho-social stressors or clinicians over elaborating and misdirecting the meaning of what I made statements about. I mean labeling one with persecutory delusion. Plus the feeling of subtle influence in the energetic body to raise cues as to the nature of environment in social web of like family for instance and expressions of discomfort through being sensitive to influence of the functionality of the personality. Hypersensitivity or perhaps episodes of resentment or Karmic life lessons learning to overcome may be faced with anxiety for content of imaginary events of the inner fantasy world.

or maybe I cross over to autism as I spend a great deal of time in my own head, often making errors in vocalizing and over -analyzing.

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I couldn't follow much of your post, but I'll give my 2 cent's worth. Schizotypal PD is often not thought of as a PD in the traditional sense, and sometimes it is considered a milder version of schizophrenia instead.

I learned within a few months of seeing tdocs and pdocs that a lot of my stranger but not too far out there thoughts were probably not the tdoc's or pdoc's cup of tea (like believing in psychic and pranic energy and that I'm an otherkin of some form) . And I was fine with that, and really just stopped talking and making a big deal about them. A person doesn't typically talk about religion 24/7 either. Someone with schizotypal disorder tends to have a lot of these kinds of ideas, which are strange to others and not the norm but are also not really impeding one's life either.

However, some thoughts did actually bother me and impeded just living my life, like the thought that I had to kill someone someday and people knew about it and were actively trying to find and kill me to prevent it. Or the thought that if I killed myself then I could bring a family member back from the dead. And after I attempted suicide, I thought I was actually dead for a couple of weeks despite everyone telling me I was not. These are more clearly delusions, and were why I had a dx of schizophrenia at the time. These are the kinds of thoughts I chose to emphasize more with my doctors because I felt these were more relevant to my problems than the kinds of thoughts I mentioned earlier.

Another common feature of delusions is the need to convince others that you and only you know some truth (conspiracies are a common persecutory idea, and being a divine messenger is a common grandiose one). Someone with schizotypal disorder (or I could just be speaking for myself here) can kind of put it to the side if they get the point that other non-like minded individuals just don't believe the same things, or might only choose to share those kinds of ideas with people they know instead of announcing them to everybody.

Also, here's the symptoms of SZPD listed in the ICD-10 from Wikipedia

  • Inappropriate or constricted affect (the individual appears cold and aloof);
  • Behavior or appearance that is odd, eccentric or peculiar;
  • Poor rapport with others and a tendency to social withdrawal;
  • Odd beliefs or magical thinking, influencing behavior and inconsistent with subcultural norms;
  • Suspiciousness or paranoid ideas;
  • Obsessive ruminations without inner resistance, often with dysmorphophobic, sexual or aggressive contents;
  • Unusual perceptual experiences including somatosensory (bodily) or other illusions, depersonalization or derealization;
  • Vague, circumstantial, metaphorical, over-elaborate or stereotyped thinking, manifested by odd speech or in other ways, without gross incoherence;
  • Occasional transient quasi-psychotic episodes with intense illusions, auditory or other hallucinations and delusion-like ideas, usually occurring without external provocation.

Only 2 and 4 deal with just being odd. The rest deal with generalized effects on life that are clinically significant and get you the whole disorder part. I was part of a forum for schizotypal people for a time and treatment varied; probably about a third to a half were on low-moderate doses of an antipsychotic or had tried antipsychotics in the past. Some just saw tdocs, and a few just kind of had an "I'm weird, so what?" attitude about it.

(My psych history is kind of convoluted. In the past, during a psychotic-depressive episode with BP, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. During that time, any strange ideas were chalked up to the schizophrenia. Later my dx was changed to BP and being somewhere between schizoid and schizotypal.)

Evaluate your beliefs. What bothers you? What doesn't? Ask your doc(s) why they think you are schizophrenic. You're going to need to work with them to find out if your dx really is incorrect. Keep in mind that many if not most people who are psychotic aren't aware they are psychotic and if you are you might not know it.

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Ok, I had trouble following that post.

I was dx'd with schizotypal personality disorder in 2008 and found that I filled its diagnostic criteria quite nicely.. heh. I'm on antipsychotics, but I've been on antipsychotics for 10 years. Schizotypal PD was a "downgrade" from schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. I was hospitalized for 6 months and assessed (also note: I was incredibly suicidal, underweight and unable to function when admitted. I did later have ECT)

I was assessed by 3 psychiatrists and 2 psychologists. I know damn well some of my beliefs are not normal in any culture.. I know I appear odd and have odd behaviours.

It really was no shock to me. I'm on less medication with these dx's than before.

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thanks for the replies

I'm on a pretty low dose of antipsychotic that I have to take fortnighly injection--because of my intellectual opposition to the medical model that landed me with mood symptoms

I have the sense that my most recent acute episodes stemming from over indulgence in astral phenomena and attention to relationships with so called "imaginary friends" that I interacted with telepathically as though they were an astral projection, I learnt forms and astral projected myself with the guidance of my companions that included Arch-angels and random guests I sought to find out the identity of---unwanted intruders disturbed my sleep to that of being a problem enough to flee my home and get pulled up by police

my history stems from what i was learning at university in metapshysics as apposed to science, had a premonition about my cousins suicide that had bereavement for years, it also opened doors in my consciousness to explore spiritual truths--- and most importantly family crisis when my spiritual development interfered with popular notions of reality or I would have an issue about some attitude they had and sought to enlighten them, big mistake was wanting to be friendly with them, they were always quick to call fro me to get thrown in the loony bin to explain my long revolving door history. or if they needed an opiate for their concerns of having a wayward son.. I guess through meditation I was learning trance and may have had feelings of enlightenment however false it is in reality.

I lent my ideas from eastern philosophy my family found weird and caused a family crisis that I was diagnose with having psychosis schizophrenaform--but it also (i found out more recently) tied in with near death experiences life threatening experiences that I blanked out about..

Thanks for more information about schizotypal according to people who've had diagnosis's, although I've only ever been suicidal from family suppression and the use of pharmaceuticals making me feel dead inside and losing interest and aptitude in creative expression I also tie into communion with higher entities for creative material.

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"Transliminal personality' is an alternative stereotype.

I realized universal truths from these times of oppression and labeled as defective -- with my experience having met with a sub-culture of pagans/alchemists/shamans who identify differently with what is considered to be psychotic or bizzarre in comparison to a clinician..

A clinician would find my per-occupations as abnormal as did my family in inducing a family breakdown in which I became a martyr to my quirky beliefs and opening up of spiritual perception

I am also interested in presenting "Religious and spiritual problems" that some research is done thanks mainly to stanslav grof that include Shaman Crisis, visionary, mystical, mediation induced crisis-or loss of faith, changes in religious predisposition--although the medical model is somewhat ignorant to anthropological studies and perhaps tribal communities and historically through the experience of prophets who would be considered psychotic and put on drugs by todays standards.

Kundalini awakening is culture bound in the DSM as Chi-Gong Deviation

Body dysmorphia rings true form my adolescent years [interesting that wicappedea says we can become enraged against family members for no apparent reason], socially I avoid certain types that I see as a threat to the integrity of my personality

negative experience with feeling overwhelmed by the attitudes of others over my state of mind or reality convictions, or feeling trapped by a telepathic influence or energetically that distorts the integrity of my personality. Being highly strung and sensitive to outside influence.

yeah my beliefs that I function well with would be pulled up as being delusions, including things like synchronicity.

obsessive ruminations is definitely true and yeah they get into my alter-ego, re-enacting events sometime with an aggressive edge, or thining about people from the past--I guess that is where my feelings of being influenced come in, that I go into a fantasy world to resolve deficits somehow.

I guess the list goes on and I will spare the entire self-reflection

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