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I get the sensation of worms crawling in my ears, could this be a medical condition or psychiatric problem? Is there any medical conditions for this. Happens at random times but often when Im more stressed, I have had people look in my ears before and there is nothing there, there is no infection, trauma or pain. Taking and not taking my medication does not affect the sensation (Seroquel XL 150mg and Amitriptyline 50mg) It's still there. It fustrates me and makes me want to stick things in my ears to kill it Im not a person that goes to the GP over nothing so im reluctant to keep going back , I only mention this problem when going with other problems. Im just getting annoyed and worried that its my stupid head making up things. I Haven't been out of the UK so it cant be a parasite. I want it to be medical, got a feeling im just trying to convince my self otherwise. Thank you

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Only a doctor can take a look at your ears and make a diagnosis as to whether it is psychological or physical. I think that it's definitely worth a trip to the doctor.

Having said that, I have a great deal of problems with my ears itching which I believe to be an allergy.

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If you've had people check out your ears and there's no infection or irritation, then I'd guess it was either:

- a psych / stress related thing

- a nerve thing, a bit like pins and needles

- a side effect of meds

- dry skin.

There are over the counter ear drops that might help when the sensation is bad, for example Otex (not Otex advance, the normal one) contains something menthol-like that gives a pleasant tingling sensation that might help. I get itchy ears from wearing hearing aids, and Otex is great for that.

Talk it over with a doctor too, mention it to your pdoc as well as your GP. It might be worth referring you to an audiologist or an ENT - an ear specialist - to see if they can think of anything a generalist wouldn't. You're highly unlikely to have actual worms in your ears in the UK, we're quite lucky on the parasite front here, so try not to worry about that one!

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