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Mom trying to help 17 yr old

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Guest FrannyNZooey

I feel for you very much, not so much for myself, only newly going thru such, nothing compared to a child. And I never had such meds and reactions, symptoms, I do not sleep, which was told mania, which I don't buy is always so clear cut either. I was that since small child not sleeper, others panic, depression came from real life horrid events, one after another in just 3 years.

But speaking as mother my son was so healthy, breastfed, no one smoked in family, home, no asthma, etc. He started terrible cough told bronchitis, it was all the time, I saw his chest sink in, then told whooping cough this was constant, I was no way, I knew enough too as mother sat up with him gave him sips of water,Propped him up, watched proper humidity levels 40-60 kept humidifier got a hepa filter, removed stuffed animals, vinyl around mattress etc, vacuum everyday, when chest sunk in, took to bathroom ran hot shower to steam it up cupped his back. Took to specialist did brocho tube test he had developmental asthma severely, needed nebulizer every 4 hours around clock along with what I was doing. I found support groups even prior to dx, The Jewish Community has excellent for Asthma and great newsletter, no need to be Jewish I am Catholic, I did research constantly on computer.

Later his older sister did report on asthma and how unknown the deaths of it were, and how it causes so much on a family, she watched me many sleepless nights runs to ER, and her brother gasp for air, her crying and praying.

I know it seems hopeless but your work will be answered. PM me if you need a word of support.


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