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Newbie here!

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Just got done slicing my skin open. I don't want to do this anymore so I got on google looking for an escape from my usual escape of razors and blood. so here I am.

Going to see a therapist for the first time tomorrow. Don't know what to expect. Don't even know if a therapist is who I need to see. I'm desperate for help at this point and doing this all on my own. Haven't told anyone anything cause everyone is so damn judgmental. I'm never one to care what anyone thinks, then it's to the point where I rather just hide and not give them anything to think at all....if that makes any sense.

So here I am, in hopes for......I don't even know....


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Welcome to Crazyboards. I hope we can offer you some support.

We have a very active forum for people who self-harm and I hope you will check it out. Please be frank with your new therapist so that s/he can help you to deal with your MI issues. You are absolutely correct in saying that you can't do this on your own.

I'm glad you got here. Please read the rules and contact one of the staff if there is anything you don't understand.


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