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stopped lexapro cold turkey

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then i realized that

i was motivated

i didnt have to take constant naps during the day

and i could finally deal with all the shit going on in my life that these drugs have a way of numbing you to.

the first few days i was VERY moody, very angry, crying one minute over all the shit i didnt get to think about before, and the next minute punching walls.  i was very sensitive to light, wore sunglasses and a hat at all times.

i never caused scenes tho. i dealt with it on my own.  i never brought others into it. it was something i had to deal with myself and that helped immensely.

its been almost 2 weeks now. most of the above is either gone or very close to being gone. i still get the "Brain shivers" which are just evil.. i noticed that i can generate them by looking left and right quickly, but not up and down. fucking weird. maybe it has something to do with the left and right side of the brain handling 2 different mind/thought processes (logic vs emotions/intuition) but who knows.

all in all, i am glad this happened. i still take my klonopin as needed- when i first stopped taking the lex i took them alot to help deal with the emotional crazyness but now i find myself hardly taking those.

to anyone who hasnt taken lexapro- try not to. while it did help me for a while, i think of the help it gave me - it just cut me off from feeling instead of really making me happy.  i think there comes a time in our lives where we just have to REALLY say enough is enough... deal with our illnesses, without all the hateful effects of these pills that drain bank accounts and numb us into zombies. me at least.

best of luck to everyone here and if u have any lexapro withdrawl stories please share.

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We should all research any drug we are going to take, that is what the whole basis of this website is for!

As Jerod points out in all of his med descriptions, do not take ANY psyche med unless you are bottom of the ocean whale shit depressed/anxious/fucked up.

Lex nor any ssri or other med is a panacea or "happy pill". There are payoffs and also trade-offs for each one and only the individual can assess the cost/benefit to them personally.

Lex was not acceptable to you.

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For me, the numbness (from Prozac in my case) was welcome for the short time it lasted. Then I got my emotions back. Maybe some other med would be like this for you, unless your depression happens to be gone anyway?

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