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So...I was introducted accidnatlly or not to these boards from my husband. I've lurked for a while here and there thinking "I can't be this bad off" - well I guess I'm wrong and I see people out there with worse and the same as I'm moving through in life right now.

I've been fighting depression for years, I'm 33 now and probably should have been seeing a pdoc since I was a child considering my mother is bipolar, and both my sisters are bipolar II. I've been diagnosed so far as chronic depression NOS with a tendancey towards bipolar II, mostly because my pdoc has only been seeing me for a few months now and doens't want to 'label' me just yet until we get more comfortable. I've been in and out of therapists offices since my mid-20s, either not liking them, not getting along with them, or figuring I could handle it myself. And I did, to a point until I finally just had a major meltdown that nearly required hospitilization in front of my poor husband who bless his soul, has stuck with me through thick and thin in all of this. On top of that I used to be a cutter, and I reverted back to that recently - but have been quiet about it until very recently when I told my pdoc. I'm glad I've found him, as we click quite well and he talks to me like a person, not a patient that's next in line. Not to mention he's probably been on the phone with me for more meltdowns then I can count on both hands and talked me down with rational cognitive behavioral methods.

I'm curretly on

Seroquel (for sleep)

Lamotragine (500mg tapering up to 600)

Invega (15 mg for racing thoughts and mania)

Cymbalta (40 mg only because t hat's what I was on before while I was managing it myself and coming down off of it caused some major meltdowns, so we're staying on it until other things are settled)

Klonopin (generic - 3 mg 2x a day is the only thing that makes me feel 'normal')

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Welcome to Crazyboards! I'm glad you have found a good pdoc, and I hope that he can help you to get stable. It sounds like you have had an extremely difficult time.

Please read the rules when you have time---they're pretty straightforward. Also, be aware that the site is indexed by Google, so you will want to keep an eye on the identifying information in your posts.

Good luck and I hope you like being here.


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