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Need Disability Advice please

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Hoping somone hear can help me.  I'm currently off on a disability leave, it's not through the government, it's part of my private benefits plan through my employer. I have been off since June.

I see a psychiatrist sporadically because the insurance company insists on hearing from a psychiatrist, but the man has actually spent very little time with me and I'm not even officially his patient.  He just made the diagnosis for the insurance company and updates them every once and a while.  Because the wait list for a psychiatrist who does the type of treatment I've been told I need is a year long in my city (I'm in Canada and I'm BPD) I had to find a psychologist instead.

She has spent a lot more time with me and I really like her, and she thinks I can be helped with intensive therapy.  She's contacted the insurance company to give them her perspective and to tell them that she believes it'll be 6-12 months before I can return  ;)

However, I just saw the psychiatrist again today and he said that I really should be on medication (specifically seroquel) and that he'd have to tell the insurance company that in his opinion I'd get better sooner (most likely) if I'd take the medication.  For many personal reasons I'm against taking this medication, and my psychologist truly doesn't think it's necessary.  Heck, even the psychiatrist admitted it may be more harmful than anything else because of my intense fear or meds and my ability to produce somatic symptoms (i.e. manufacture any side effects that are possible).  Plus, I'm getting over an ED, so I can't bring myself to take anything that might cause weight gain.  However, I've found that insurance companies generally take the word of a psychiatrist over a psychologist, and I'm concerned that if they hear I won't take the meds, they'll discontinue my disability.  Does that seem like a reasonable concern? I'm trying to be cooperative but I just can't bring myself to take these meds.



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Hi Greengal !

Well, you've got a lot of work ahead of you.  Good on you for setting the goal of going back to work.

There is the distinct possibilty that if he recommends meds and you refuse that the insurance company could take the position that you are not doing everything you could to get better and return to work.

Meds, Therapist vs. Pdoc.  Your therapist probably has a general knowledge of meds, but the Pdoc is the expert. I haven't seen studies specific to BPD, but for most of the other MI's, meds + talk therapy gives much better results than either alone. Perhaps you could work on your med fears first with the therapist.

Good luck,


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